What to See in Lombok and What to Enjoy There

So, what to see in lombok? After hearing and learning about the Island’s existence (and probably wondering why you have never heard of it before), you sure do want to know what the Island has to offer you in terms of tourist attractions. If you have ever visited Bali, chances are good that you might have seen the Island’s name on a travel agent’s office or on a flyer for holiday packages. But as you had no prior knowledge about the place, it is only understandable why it has never occurred to you to visit the Island. But really, you do need to pay this Island a visit as it offers you so many things that other places in Indonesia perhaps cannot.

When it comes to what to see in Lombok indonesia, things are not quite so different from Bali. You can enjoy lines of white-sanded beaches and the overall tropical experience. But compared to Bali, though, Lombok’s tourism industry has yet to enjoy the level of popularity its neighbor does for a long time. Holiday packages have only recently covered Lombok. In a way, people are more gravitated toward Bali more than Lombok despite the fact that the two are not that dissimilar with one another.

The matter of what to see in and do in Lombok is not at all limited to beaches. There are a lot of tourist attractions in this Island and you can enjoy them all within at least 6 days of getaway.

  1. The Gili Islands

Perhaps the most iconic tourist attraction in Lombok, the Gili Islands is composed of Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air, all of which is separated from Mataram by a distance of 20 minutes trip by boat. The site is popular place for scuba diving and snorkeling as well as swimming and partying.

  1. Mount Rinjani

This is the second tallest volcano in Indonesia. Trekking to the summit is the most common activity conducted in this place.

  1. Senggigi

This area is abundant in hotels and therefore tourists land on this Island first at this spot. Senggigi Beach also features one of the Island’s perfect surfing spots.

  1. Pusuk Monkey Forest

Located in Bangsal, the forest is home to wild monkeys that live all the way up to the streets.

  1. Beaches
  1. Kuta Beach

Not the one found in Bali, Lombok’s Kuta Beach is arguably the second most popular beaches in the Island.

  1. Mawun Beach

The beach features soft white sand and areas that are mostly unoccupied.

  1. Selong Belanak

This beach boasts shallow water and is perfect for swimming.

  1. Tanjung Aan

The beach boasts white sand and turquoise seawater.

  1. Pink Beach

The road to this beach lies over Ekas Peninsula and it is not a regular street. The beach is desolate and quiet. The sand is pink, hence the name.

  1. Mosques and Temples

Lombok’s people are predominantly Moslems, perhaps the major difference between this island and Bali. Lombok is, obviously, rich in mosques.

Lombok’s Hindu people have their temples mainly on the western section of the Island, around Cakranegara, Mataram, and Sengigi.

What to See in Lombok Other Than Its Beaches