How to Get Around When You Travel to Iceland

There are so many various places to choose from when going on a vacation. You could go somewhere local and it would still count as a vacation, or you could go halfway around the world. The point of a refreshing vacation is to go somewhere new, and the absolute meaning of that will be different for everybody. It all depends on who you are and what you want from your vacation.

One great place to visit on your vacation, however, is Iceland. The name is deceiving and may turn a lot of people away if they didn’t know the truth, but Iceland is not icy at all. Iceland and Greenland are essentially switched with each other – Greenland is the icy one, while Iceland is covered in hills of green, green grasses. This beautiful Iceland scenery makes for a great vacation getaway. One example of this beautiful scenery is Kirkjufell – a great site for excellent photography while you’re visiting Iceland.

The most important thing to consider when preparing to go on vacation, however, is your transportation once you arrive. If you’re travelling overseas, you’ll need to consider whether you’ll be transporting your car or not. Transporting your car with you may be convenient, but it all depends on your choice.

If you are travelling from the United States, you’ll be happy to know that driving laws in Iceland are pretty similar to those in the States. There are some differences, though, which are important to keep in mind while driving in Iceland regardless of whether you rent a car or transport your own. For example, there are no right turns at red lights, there are many mountain roads that are prohibited from being driven on and headlights also must always be on.

When renting a car, it would be better and less expensive for you to rent before you get to the airport. There are many places that will even drop off and pick up the car to and from your hotel. You should also heavily consider renting a four-wheel drive vehicle, as much of the terrain in Iceland requires that type of vehicle in order to navigate. If you’re travelling to Iceland, you’ll want to get in as much as you can, so having a 4WD vehicle with you will make things much easier.

The last but probably most important thing to consider when preparing to travel to Iceland is driving safety. The driving and weather conditions in Iceland do not lend themselves kindly to casual driving. There are many routes that are unpaved and have no guardrails, making your patience and caution while driving of the utmost importance.

So regardless of how you get there and how you choose your transportation, always remember to keep these things in mind when preparing to travel to Iceland. Your safety depends on it, and that is much more important than a fun vacation. The fact is that when you’re safe, you’ll have more fun!