FrontPage Hosting and FrontPage Extensions

As soon as you have a business, you need a website, and with the website ready, you need a host for its hosting services. Now, selecting a hosting company is an essential job, and one should do it with utmost attention. It decides the face of your company and also how things will look online for the customers. There are some certain basic features that every hosting company has, but only some make it up for the Best Frontpage Hosting- 2017 Old School Way of Design Dudes.

Now one of the best knows FrontPage hosting company would be FatCow. It is rated the best company for hosting websites in the recent years because of their remarkable services. Their charges are pretty reasonable too i.e. $3.15 per month. They also offer a special plan called “Window Plus” which is recommended for every customer.


  • With FatCow you are allowed to host up to a website of your own along with the high-quality features.
  • The extensions provided are easily installed with the help of c-panel.
  • In order for you to have the best outlook, they also give free installations.
  • The charge for a year is around $44, which is very cheap and affordable for a person who is setting up their business.

Given these were the best features of Fatcow, there are many other features that one can make usingof. Needs of every company or website holder are different.


Like every body part should be in good shape for the body to run properly, theevery website needs some things or features in order to run properly. Now, extensions are one of those important things that every service or website needs while they want to run properly. Some of the major options are:

  1. The access provided for the Database is of thetop level.
  2. Windows 2003 is used as the operating system for the server.
  3. FrontPage 2002 Extensions (XP)

Keeping all these things in mind one should go ahead with which they feel is their best option. Do not forget to list down the priorities and what exactly you need. Then go ahead and select the best!