Top Family Law Solicitors in Sydney

Many family law matters arise these days which need the intervention of court. The legal help is provided by the family law counsels in the society. There are many family law solicitors in Sydney who give their services to the people who have troubles and are seeking legal remedy. Some of the best domestic legal solicitors around Sydney are noted below:

  1. O’Sullivan Legal
  2. Lawyers plus
  3. The Norton law group
  4. Slater and Jordan
  5. Armstrong legal

These famous kinship act barristers in Sydney have great expertise to provide best family law advice, information and legal help. The functioning and particularities of each of these lawyers team are briefly stated flowingly:

  1. O’Sullivan Legal – O’Sullivan Legal, managed by O’Sullivan Ben who has numerous years of experience in litigation and successful career. He also has a profound knowledge about dues in personal finances, a background in retail as well as commerce degree. If there is any financial misappropriation, Ben can help the clients in the best way with his combination of excellence in personal finances and expertise in family legal cognition. The decisions taken by O’Sullivan on asset division and children’s maintenance is very critical and the best possible option for the client.
  2. Lawyers Plus – Lawyers Plus is another group of household legal counsels in Sydney which mainly focus on estate planning and divorce. The core members of the group are three family lawyers alongside other junior lawyers. This is the main attraction of the clients who seek personal relationship with the lawyer as divorce is a matter which has emotional elements in a great proportion.
  3. The Norton law group – The family unit attorneys in Sydney face competition in a larger extent and The Norton law group is a worthy opponent to all the other lawyers. They are famous for their planning and specialization of individual lawyers working there. They have a wide general acceptance by the people of Sydney with 30 or more experienced years. Many prominent lawyers like Franco Pomare, a Law Society Accredited expert Family Lawyer and Principal, a part of the firm and it is a main attraction.
  4. Slater and Jordan – The household law advocates in Sydney commonly provide services to the people in Sydney. But, Slater and Jordan is a multinational firm which have many locations across both Australia and the UK. Apart from the general family law issues, they have specialists to handle surrogacy arrangements. The firm practice meditation and negotiation as they consider these methods as easier and cost effective for both lawyer and the client. They have 54 branches in Australia where 1210 people are employed.
  5. Armstong Legal – The main areas which Armstrong Legal deals with is financial aspects of divorce, asset division, child or spousal maintenance. The firm consists of over fifty advocates, which includes trained professionals who provide best outcomes for their clients. A strongpoint behind the firm’s moral and ethical values is their support for the Cure Cancer Australia Foundation.


The functions and nature of the works done by all the family law solicitors in Sydney looks identical and the differences lies in their performance and unparalleled effectiveness.