Background of The Indoor Tanning Bed

The Indoor Best tanning beds started out as a medical invention. The early model began as a solo UV lamp to treat those patients who were lacking in vitamin D. Back in the 1970’s, scientist Friedrich Wolff pioneered the use of the Indoor Tanning Bed when he experimented with their use on professional athletes. What he noticed after a few sessions in the tanning bed is that they would get a natural-looking tan. The rest, as they say, is history.

The popularity of The Indoor Tanning Bed

The use of Indoor Tanning Beds first became popular in Europe before making its way to the United States. Since its introduction to the US, it has become popularized using advertising campaigns and celebrity endorsements. Currently, it is very popular among younger people mainly in Europe and North America.

Apart from the abovementioned, its ease of use and fast-bronzing properties have attributed to its success. Today, there are many tanning salons present in Europe and North America with numbers exceeding 20 000 where one can easily walk in and book a session with the tanning bed.

What is the Indoor Tanning Bed?

For those who have not seen it before may think looks like something out of a sci-fi movie at first.

A typical Indoor Tanning Bed will be made from acrylic plastic. The tanning bed has a platform which the client will lie down on and a lid that will cover the client. Both this platform and the lid contains many Ultra Violet (UV) lamps that, when turned, give off UV radiation. The UV radiation is what reacts with chemicals in the skin (melanin) to give off a more bronze look.

The modern Indoor Tanning Bed also has a lot more features than its 20th-century counterpart. Tanning Beds can be modified to be more relaxing adding to the customer’s experience. Misting features can be added to allow for aromatherapy options or radios can be fitted so that the customer can listen to music during sessions.

A normal session in a tanning bed will last about 10-20 minutes. It sometimes only takes one tanning session to get the desired glow, but this will depend on the quality of the tanning bed as well as the strength of the UV lamps.

Myths Surrounding The Use of Indoor Tanning Beds

  • Base Tan

Many people believe tanning beds will give them a “base” tan. They believe that a session in the bed will give them extra protection from the sun. This is a myth and may end up in a worse sunburn. The Indoor Tanning Bed can be used to replicate, and even perfect, a tan one would usually get from being in the sun.

  • Indoor Tanning is Safer Than Sunbathing

Indoor Tanning Beds are meant to replicate the suns effecton humans. For this reason, it emits UV radiation which is just as harmful in big doses as standing in the sun for too long. Be safe when it comes to the overuse of Indoor Tanning Beds.