Stand Out From the Crowd and Prepare a Unique Birthday Gift for Your Someone Special

Birthdays can get way to difficult, especially when it’s of someone very special. We all want to make that special day extra special and perfect by planning some surprises or gifts which is extremely impossible to make or find.

Here, in this article we bring you some out of the box ideas which you can gift to your special ones on their birthday and make it the most memorable.

Photo collage

Having a birthday gift in which only you and that person is present are boring, by involving their friends and family can make you earn some extra brownie points! For this collage you just need to prepare Happy Birthday alphabetically and assign each to everyone and get them clicked. After that just get a print of that picture, frame it and you’re ready to see that glee on the face of the special person. You can use https://www.photocollage.com to create collage online.

Prepare a message jamboree

For this gift you need to ask every family member and friends to write a message on paper and click a photo that note and then send it to you. You just need to print out these messages, put them in a jar and gift it. This present will add a personal touch of yours.

What about using some chalks?

Yes, you heard it right chalks! This one will be more like a surprise to your special. Get some of colored chalks and start writing happy birthday on the wall or floor in your bedroom. It can be bought from amazon over here easily. Wait for the person to wake up from sleep and the first thing they see in the morning is your wish. This is surely going to make them feel like they are the king of this world.

Create your own small film

Collect all of your photos and prepare a heart touching slide-show film. In this you can put all of their favorite soundtracks in background.

Warning!! This present may bring some cute emotional tears in your special person’s eyes.

A quick DIY Gift

You are short on time but still want to prepare handmade gift? Then trying making a small fortune teller origami and fill off the eight flaps with sweet messages which is especially written for them only.

Bake for Them

This may sound a little old fashioned but trust me this present is something which always works. Hand-baked items can easily make your special person feel more special. If you have a doubt on your baking skills then look over on internet try out some easy recipes like a sponge cake. Don’t start to get frighten if you have no understanding in baking. After all, your gesture is something which matters more, right?

If you birthday friend is a female then you can also send her some unique messages in morning as well. These unique gifting ideas will work on everyone and can surprise all. Just make sure when you are preparing such things, the person for whom all the preparations are done should not be around. Otherwise your preparations will lose the real charm.