Learning to Move Object with Only Your Mind

Telekinesis, which is also known as psychokinesis, is two Greek words combined – psyche meaning “soul” and kinesis meaning “motion”. It is a type of extrasensory perception that very few individuals possess. It is moving an object with your mind.


Since every single individual in the world is said to have psychic abilities with some more in touch with natural abilities; while others completely oblivious. Because of this, those who believe say that telekinesis can be learned and done by absolutely everyone.


This ability of psychokinesis or telekinesis is the ability allowing individuals to influence a physical system without physical interaction. To know more and learn how to do telekinesis (tutorial) search the internet as there are many good articles and tutorials written to help in learning more on this ability.

Start with meditation

To begin to grow telekinesis, start by meditation every day and envisaging objects about you in your mind. Practice visualizing objects in as much detail as possible. When you are confident in your abilities to visualize; practice telekinesis by focusing on a small, lightweight object such as a match to move with your mind. 


Observe every detail of the match or object you are working with. How does it look, feel, smell and even how it tastes. Build a strong connection between you and the object. 

Moving object

Once this connection is made, concentrate on moving the object in the same way you would move your arms. If you can hold the object, try to bend it. Once you can bend an object you are holding, move to trying to bend an object which has no contact with you. 

These are the beginning steps in learning telekinesis.