Little Cigars – The Fashion and Style Statement for Smokers

Little cigars, as per their name, are smaller in size compared to usual cigars. They’ve almost the similar size and likeness to that of a tobacco fag but they aren’t regulated or taxed like a cigarette. They’re also quite different from other cigarettes in terms of their wrapper, taste, flavor, and characteristics. These stogies of the cigars are made with premium quality tobaccos which are either fermented or air-cured and resultantly yield a stronger better taste. They’re alkaline and the wrapper of these little cigars is made of natural leaves. On the contrary, a cigar is wrapped in simple paper becomes acidic.

As per the guidelines, little cigars contain 2/3 of a cigarette’s tobacco by the weight. The manufacturer offers a fuller better flavor than cigars as the tobacco inside is less processed. These cigarettes are specially made for the situations when you’ve sudden cravings but have less or no time to smoke. Little cigar is easier to fag and they can be ignited with a lighter or a matchstick. It can be smothered quickly and relished even during a tiny break.

Little cigar gives a mild to full flavored smoking experience while saving much of the time required to fag regular-sized cigars. Flavored tobacco smokes not just provide a satisfying and unique taste experience, but they also deliver a very pleasant aroma while smoked. It comes in a multitude of flavors to select one. T

Many brands have a variety of flavors from sweet to fruity, including menthol, grape, vanilla, cherry, blueberry, chocolate, and many more, so you’re sure to find a suitable one for you. Little cigars come with the filters that reduce the harshness of tobacco and make them comparatively less harmful.

Interestingly, people who have enjoyed a Little Cigar at infinitely more cost are now crossing over to custom made cigarettes. They are far easier to prepare, easier to carry, and more convenient. With the wide range of beautiful new paper injection tubes with filters of every description, they are even something of a fashion statement reflecting one’s own choice of colors and design, long or short, white or in color, thin or thick, densely packed or loose, and with many different colors for the cigar wrapper and packing.

Even more, the tobaccos can be blended for different occasions and moods, some rich and full-bodied, some light and fragrant, and even special blends for a special dessert smoke. Sometimes there is the English blend of Balkan, Turkish, Latakia tobaccos, sometimes a great Virginia with a touch of Burley, occasionally the sweetness of a Cavendish, maybe a dash of clove or menthol, and even a great Perique or cigar style tobacco. The decision is NOW up to you.