How To Make Your Kid Learn English Grammar Rules Efficiently?

Well, just knowing the language English is not enough. To fear proper sentences, having a firm hold on the grammar is important. Although the process to learn English grammar rules seems never ending as there are many rules which might be too much for a kid to remember. The grammar rules of the English language tends to change each time with the slightest shift in the version of English you are teaching to your child.

However, it is important to reach them the correct form of grammar so that they do frame the sentences by applying the rules of grammar in a proper way. But you should avoid teaching the rules of grammar to your child every time as it will become too monotonous, preventing the interest of the child from growing in a positive direction. As a parent, you need to be choosy while asking your child to learn english grammar rules.

How Much Cn The Child Take?

You need to first monitor the capacity of the child and his field of interest. Once these points are clarified, you need to have a look back and check how is he coping with the language. If you see effective results in his elementary level education big language, you can start putting in the rules of grammar in his learning one by one.

For instance, you can start with the basic one that words starting with vowels follow ‘an’ where the ones starting with consonants are followed by ‘a’. The next basic rule which can be taught is that every sentence should start with an uppercase letter.

Teach Exceptions At Later Stage

At an initial level, you need to avoid putting in too many exceptions and confusing rules for the kids. You need to teach them the extremely basic rules of grammar like the basic structure of a sentence. Use of punctuation mark like a full stop at the end of every sentence, etc are important to note.

However, it is common that you will observe that in the process of teaching him grammar rules, the creativity of the child is getting hindered. It is because each time he will start writing, he needs to recall the rules which create a pause in his efficient moves.

However, in such cases, you need to be a motivator and help your kid to deal with it in a smart way. In order to reach him the grammar rules, you need to focus more on understanding and learning rather than memorizing blindly.