How to shop a uniquely designed Wedding Ring?

If your several desperate attempts to get hold of a unique wedding ring after ransacking multiple jewelry stores are disappointing you, then build your own wedding ring! Yes, you have the option to go for a 100% customized wedding ring that will make you stand away from the crowd. Many renowned jewelers help customers to create their own unique wedding ring by offering several ideas of personalization. You can also try that out and let the experts hand over to you a 100% bespoke wedding ring that you will make your spouse wear during the wedding.

Here, in this article, we’re going to discuss how to shop uniquely designed wedding rings. Check out the following pointers to grab more practical ideas

  1. Start with visiting a jewelry designer. When you’re immensely skeptical about choosing your wedding ring then only a jewelry designer can help you design a uniquely designed ring. Have an intense word with the expert and let them understand what exactly your expectations are as based on those ideas, they will design the ring for you. If you approve the design then the designer will make it for you.
  2. For instance, you might wonder to have a ruby placed on a rose gold base or a large solitaire studded on a platinum base with multiple tiny diamonds surrounding the ring. A proper clarity of your expectations will help the jewelry designer to help you with the exact ring you were looking for.
  • If your passion for buying a unique ring is going to the next level then think about purchasing an antique or estate jewelry for a change. Definitely, these pieces are unique with a history associated with them. You can purchase a ring once worn by a Maharaja or a Queen from the early eras. Join the online auctions to bid and purchase the ring for your collection or your future spouse.
  1. It’ll be insane to assume that an experienced jeweler will not understand what kind of customized ring you’re looking for. Have a word with the experts about what kind of diamond or platinum wedding rings you’re looking for so that they can personalize the products in the way you want to have them.
  2. To increase your idea on how to choose the right diamonds, educate yourself by knowing the 4Cs of the diamonds. Carat, cut, color and clarity are the four Cs that you should know while purchasing a diamond-studded ring. If you ask a jeweler to fix a large princess-cut solitaire diamond on top of a platinum base, make sure you understand the total carat of the solitaire along with the other diamonds placed on the ring.
  3. You can ask for customizing the wedding ring by asking the jeweler to place the diamonds, rubies, or emeralds from the ring of your grandmother or any ancestor. By doing so, you can carry the pieces of their legacy to future generations. You can also enshrine your love for your mother or grandmother by using their old rings in making the new ones for your spouse.