Essential Things To Know About Setting Powder

Setting powder is basically used with the foundation for controlling shine. Applying this powder is the best way to smooth out fine lines and blemishes. This makeup product comes in two different basic forms compressed and loose. Majority of the people pick the former option as it is easy to use. On the other hand, if you have oily skin, then loose powder will be a better choice. You can buy setting powder in Malaysia for a matte look, but make sure that you are selecting the powder according to skin type.

How to apply setting powder?

The process of applying a setting powderon the face is easy. First of all, you are required to clean the face properly because makeup on bare skin will cause irritation and many other skin issues. Moisturizing is the next step as it protects the skin against damage. Further, you can check the complete process of applying this powder –

Start with foundation – when you have moisturized the skin in a proper way, then apply foundation.While wearing concealer and primer, you should make sure that it is blended well.

Apply powder – after wearing foundation, simply apply for the powder by using the right applicator. For getting glowy and soft complexion, take the   powder brush. In contrast, if you have oily skin then use a powder puff and buy setting powder in Malaysia for a matte look. Makeup sponge is also an applicator, and it is used for getting full coverage.

Don’t apply excess powder – for getting the velvety finish; we should make sure that we are applying the appropriate amount of setting powder. This powder is visible to eyes so don’t apply excess amount on face. For this, dab the applicator into the powder and tap on it for removing the excess amount.

Pay attention to t-zone – avoid the outer edges of the face for getting the natural and seamless look. Most of the powder should be applied to the t-zone. This is the place where the chances of oil accumulation are high. Apart from this place, do a light dusting of powder at the remained area on the face.

Wait before blending –after applying the powder; you should wait for a while. This process of known as baking and by this, we can encourage the powder for setting in a better manner. After this, take a fluffy brush and blend it properly.

Apply rest of the makeup –now apply the rest of makeup which includes eye makeup, highlighter, bronze, and blush. Then, take a kabuki brush and press the powder for proper touch-ups. By this, we will get great coverage without applying additional powder.

This is the entire process of using a setting powder. Some people face many complications while applying powder; however, it is too easy. You just need to do each and every step carefully because hurry can lead to a bad look. The matte look needs focus and perfection. These are the two main factors which can’t be avoided by anyone.