How To Contour According To Face Shape?

Make up is the essence of girls as they can look attractive by this. There are many steps in doing makeup, and it is necessary to pay attention to every step. When it comes to the essential one, then it is contouring. While it seems so easy; however, it is one of the daunting tasks. We are required to be more careful as it will offer the final look. Focus properly while applying the contouring product.

A huge variety of contouring products are present in the market by which we can get a contoured v shape face.  If we talk about the methods of contouring the face, then it depends on the shape.  Different face shapes should be contoured in a different way of getting the eye-catching look. If you don’t know about these methods, then it is the right place. I am going to describe the method to contour the face according to face shape.

Round face shapes

When you are going to contour on the round face, then you should cover the side of the forehead along with temples. In addition to this, you should also cover the below cheekbones area, that should commence from the ear to the central part of the cheeks. Once you complete this process, then you need to make a curve down to the jawline.

It will give a mesmerizing look to your face. Now the time is to highlight. Therefore, you need to start from the middle of the forehead and then move forward for the center of the chin. Moving further, you should start highlight under the eyes by making upside- down triangle shape. It will support you in getting brighten eyes.

Square face shape 

While contouring the square face, we should cover both sides of the forehead along with the below area of cheekbones. For this, you just need to start applying from the ears and come to the middle of the cheeks. Also, don’t forget to contour under the jawbone. Center area of chin and middle of the forehead should be highlighted. In order to brighten the eye area, apply highlighter along the brow bone and under the eyes. We can easily get a contoured v shape face by following these steps.

Rectangle face shape

If your face shape is a rectangle, thenapply contour underneath the jawbone and the sides of the forehead along with the hairline. In addition to this, you should also start applying the product from ears to the center of cheeks and cover below cheekbones. Also, highlight under the eyes and brow bone for brightening the area. Middle of the chins should also be highlighted.

Thus, you have collected valuable information regarding contouring methods. Generally, it has seen that people try to contour every type of face in the same way; however, it is not the right way. Always evaluate the face type first then you should start following the right method of applying the contouring product.