Easiest Ways to Get Heard On SoundCloud

If you wish to help your music career, consider doing it on SoundCloud.

It is essential to understand how the community functions in the first have changed the way music distributed today, and that is why they are providing your ability to promote music yourself without third parties.

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You will also be able to use numerous tools available on the market that will help you amplify the project you have and get more followers and plays overall. In the further article you will understand how to improve and promote your music through this particular sharing platform:

  • Tagging Is Essential

The best ways to find new music is to tag it appropriately because that way you can increase the number of organic visitors and listeners. The more relevant tags you have, you will enhance the ability for others to discover you and to find you in the long run.

The worst thing that you can do is to lie in tags, so you should be completely honest to your potential fans. In case you have made rap beat, you should set the main genre to rap, and add location and moods to your tags so that you can reach more people than before.

We recommend you to keep things clear by sticking to one main genre that will help you along the way. If you add multiple tracks with different styles, that will reduce the ability for others to reach you.

You have to be accurate and concise when it comes to adding tags, and listeners that want to hear it will discover your music. If you wish to add hip-hop track, you should link your collaborators in the track description.

You should use @ before the name when you wish to link another profile. That will increase the ability to reach more audience through cross-promotion. By clicking here, you will be able to learn more on cross-promotion.

  • Implement A Purchase Link


It is nice to get likes and listeners in overall, but that will not help you purchase a new piece of equipment for your home studio. However, can do something about it by adding a Buy link to your track.

You have to click on Metadata tab during the upload, and you can add the links from other music vendors such as Bandcamp, iTunes, Beatport and many more, which will allow you to sell the track in case that someone wishes to help you and hear it all the time.

As soon as you get the premium account, you will be able to change the button text into anything you want. You can write Donate or Stream, which will surprise you when it comes to how many people will help you so that you can continue writing killer tracks.

  • Add Comments To Your Waveform

SoundCloud will allow you to comment on your waveforms, as well as your fans, of course. You can use the waveform comments so that you can tell your community and fans about the entire process of making.

The idea is to be transparent and engaging on how you made the track, and always ask for feedback when it comes to certain sections that are different. You can also ask them for opinions as well as something that you are not sure within your track.

That way, you will engage your fans more than before, and that will help you along the way. The best way to learn more on how to gain more followers on SoundCloud than before is by visiting this link: https://www.wikihow.com/Gain-Soundcloud-Followers.

  • Image Matters

Apart from uploading and publishing tracks, you should also think through about artwork you wish to use as a cover for a song. In case that your record gets on the blog, your artwork will be there transparent, which means that you should appeal to people through it?

We all know that album artwork represents your artistic perspective and the form of music you wish to present, which means that lousy picture could create only a problem to your music.

For best results, you should use at least 800 x 800 pixels image, which is in PNG or JPG format. You can also invest more money into your project, and if you cannot do it yourself, then you should hire a photographer or designer that will help you reach perfection.

You can also share private links to your tracks, and that is great for sharing with collaborators or for sending demos to blogs or labels and contacting outlets that will help you promote music further.

Sharing private link will provide your music a personal touch so that your fans could reach you with ease.

It is simple to do it because you have to upload the track and set it to private. Save it and share it privately, and your fans will have the exclusive opportunity to enjoy your music.