What would be the weekly cost of Qsymia?

Qsymia is a prescription only drug, which is generally taken for losing weight. This is composed on combining Phentermine an appetite suppressor and the topiramate, which is an anti-migraine medication. The individuals, who want to go for this supplement, will look for its cost. The individuals can order this drug online, but it is recommended not to buy this online, as there are fake or counterfeited drugs available over the counter or online.

While buying or starting the intake of the Qsymia, one must keep in mind that the price charged by all the pharmacies is not the same. This variation in the price depends on pharmacy to pharmacy and from country, where an individual resides in. so, it is difficult to predict the cost of a prescription. The weekly cost of Qsymia is less than that of the cost of a day. This is because most of the pharmacies give a discount, if the supplement is taken in bulk. SO, most of the individuals go to the doctors and get a prescription for multiple months.

The cost of the Qsymia gets affected by the three different ways of its dosage. This includes:

The low dosage of 3.75 mg Phentermine/23 mg topiramate will cost around $120 for supply of a month.

 The mid level dose is the most recommended dose is of 7.5mgphentermine/46 mg topiramate will cost around $135 for supply for a month.

The last or the high level dosage is 11.25mg of Phentermine/69mg of Topiramate will cost $160 for a month.

The individuals are recommended to compare the prescription of the doctor with the appropriate dosage, so as to pay the amount accordingly. In order to save the money or the cost of Qsymia, an individual must make a call in different pharmacies in his/her nearby area, so as to get an estimate of the cost of the Qsymia. There would be a huge variation in the price of the supplement from different pharmacies. Also, one must contact big box retailers.

The individuals should ask the pharmacies about the price to be paid for a month supply or to be paid for multiply month, i.e. for the bulk. There are several other ways to save money on Qsymia includes asking the doctor to take the sample of the drug and stock it for one or two weeks. This is the great way, so as to get rid of the side effects of the drug. This can help an individual to save the cost for the drug for a few weeks. The individuals can look for incentives at the pharmacies. Most of the pharmacies offer gift card for one time. If one switches to his prescription or fill a new one at their Pharmaceuticals Company or store.

Another way to save money on Qsymia for an individual is to ask his doctor to write a multi-month dosage on the prescription. It is often seen that the daily cost of Qsymia is much more than that of the weekly cost of Qsymia.