With technological advancements and the advent of globalization, expansion strategies are adopted by most businesses to widen their market and increase their turnover. But, one huge problem of being involved in this cross-border business is that it needs you to deal with multi-lingual consumers on a regular basis.

Efficient communication with your foreign clients and partners is important for a firm’s success. To make sure that the business communication is flawless and accurate, businesses and enterprises often have to rely on language translation services by Contentmart.


The way Contentmart works is a bit different from that of a normal translation agency or language translation company. What it does is that it helps you meet with thousands of language translators from across the globe. You can get high quality freelance translation services from such native writers at really affordable rates.

How does it Work?

To get your translation requirements met, all you have to do is to register with the Contentmart website. The registration process is simple with minimum queries and is free of cost as well.

Once you are registered with the website, you can place an order for translation. It is simple to do and can be completed in just a few moments. You can state your requirements clearly and submit the content you want to get translated. The website offers you the option to attach the original content as a file or even as a scanned document.

You should select the language for translation as well. Contentmart offers you the option to choose from over 100 languages from different parts of the world. With this amazing website, you can even find a few rare languages you won’t able to find through your local translation company.

The pricing from Contentmart is extremely affordable with an attractive starting rate of just 12 cents per word.  

Once the translation order is put up, the response from writers will come in less than an hour. They will start with your work soon and deliver the translated result in a day or two. For works with less than 200 words, you can expect the turnaround to happen in just a couple of hours.

The website also has few inbuilt checkers and software to ensure that the translation work done is reliable and accurate. The important thing to note here is that the translators on the website are chosen after passing a few tests done by Contentmart. This makes sure that they have the ability and expertise to deliver translations without errors and loss of original meaning.


If you are lookout for an affordable translation service, Contentmart is an option surely worth considering. It has proved to be a highly professional and reliable medium for translation services.