Users for Online Entertainment Continue to Surge

Throughout the past year, many of us have come to rely even more on the many online streaming services that have become a day-to-day usage for us. Names such as Netflix have become synonymous with online entertainment and have become a huge part of our lives, back as the coronavirus pandemic spread throughout 2020 and has continued to cause further disruption to the day to day at the start of 2021, online entertainment options are starting to see further benefits as user numbers continue to increase, and subscription numbers hit record highs. With recent announcements being released around streaming too, it seems as if there will be no slowing down of any of the big platforms.

Twitch – Although not the big video streaming platform, this is certainly the biggest game streaming platform in the world – this past year has seen a huge benefit as the increased free time has meant more users can tune in for longer hours and has encouraged the content creators themselves to stream for longer too, but the successes of esports as newer games have entered the market and betting sites such as have attracted many new users, Twitch has continued to see a huge surge and looks to remain solidly as the most popular streaming platform in the world.

Netflix – The king of movie streaming changed the game with its own online platform and has spurred many to follow – 2021 is set to be a huge year for the platform too as they had unveiled plans to release at least one new feature length movie every week throughout the year, totalling 71 new releases for the year. This ambitious undertaking is more than triple than what the closest studio has been able to offer in recent years and is a prime indicator at just how well the platform is performing and looks to continue performing this year.

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HBO Max – With many users cutting streaming services so many had become available and searching for only the necessary ones became a choice many made, HBO Max was one of the first to go – often only being used at the time for both Game of Thrones and the Chernobyl miniseries in recent years. There could be a new surge of users here very soon however, as it was announced that film studio Warner Bros would be releasing the full roster of their 2021 releases including titles like the Matrix 4 and Dune directly to HBO Max alongside the cinema, a brave change for the studio and perhaps even the future of movie releases, and HBO Max will certainly look to benefit greatly from this partnership.