Technology boom seeing across all industries around the world

The technology boom is well and truly present, and this is now impacting everyone’s day to day lives. It has continued to advance at a fairly remarkable rate over the last decade and we can expect the same to materialise in the coming 12 months, as it plays a role in business from day to day. It has been extremely important even more so over the last 12 months, with businesses forced to be innovative and people having to work from home. This due to enforced lockdowns, so offices had to close. But through technology it has enabled for many businesses to proceed as normal, through communicating via apps such as Microsoft teams and Zoom.

These technological advancements have enabled everyone to stay in touch but not only for work but within our personal lives. The restrictions have meant that bars and restaurants have been closed and people have been unable to visit their friends and family for an extended period of time now. Technology has enabled for people to stay in touch and play games together online, which has certainly helped with the current situation. 

As mentioned, many have been playing games online and these have provided a great means of entertainment throughout these lockdowns. Online casino sites have been another area to have proven popular, with a continued growth and surge in numbers over the last 12 months. With bonuses and offers provided, it is little surprise. On top of this, land-based casinos have been closed, so those players have also moved their play online, which will have further benefited the casino platforms. With the restrictions now likely to remain in place for some time, there is no doubting that online casinos are going to remain a very important part of online entertainment for many people and something to look forward to in this difficult time.

That is similar to many other areas of gaming and of course movie and streaming services. Netflix are now at the forefront of this and have put in some real growth through this period. It has seen them right from the off bring in a lot of new subscribers and their stock has also continued to climb and even more so in the last few days. It further shows just how successful this period has been for many online entertainment companies, where has many others have been closed down for good.