Things to Consider before Buying Used Anesthesia machines 

If you wish to purchase an anesthesia machine, you should ensure that you choose the best system options for minor and major surgical procedures. Notably, used anesthesia machines will come at a lower cost compared to new ones meaning that you will be able to purchase more equipment even with a limited budget. As such, the versatility of healthcare will improve since there will be enough equipment to serve all patients. However, there are five factors you should consider before purchasing a used anesthesia equipment such as the need, price, size, quality, and location. Below is a detailed elaboration of these factors.

  1. Need
    You should access what the equipment will be used for which can either be minor or major surgery. As such, your equipment should be well suited to your area of specialty which will help you avoid financial liability. You can do this through extensive research on the individual parts of your machine of choice to determine whether it is suitable for your surgical needs.

  2. Condition
    The overall condition of an anesthesia machine is a critical factor to consider. The equipment should be in a condition to work properly and safely.  Before making the purchase, you should test the equipment to ensure that it does not require hefty repair bills. 

  3. Quality
    The quality of the medical equipment is primarily determined by its age whereby older models may not have some modern features. As such, you should consider buying new models which will support the current surgical procedures. In so doing, you will be protected from catastrophic surgical outcomes which can lead to liabilities.

  4. Size
    You should consider your available working space before purchasing anesthesia machine which ensures that the equipment fits in your confined space. Notably, the current anesthesia machines are more compact than those of previous years. Regardless, you should consider the size of your room especially if you wish to purchase several machines to avoid running out of storage room.

  5. Price
    Even though the price of used equipment is relatively low, you should consider different offers to avoid being a victim of inflated prices. Notably, you can buy second-hand anesthesia machine at a low price and yet get a high-quality equipment depending on how best you choose. It is also important to check the customer history of the seller to see whether the previous buyers were satisfied.
    Anesthesia Machine Safety
    After purchasing the medical equipment, you should take necessary precautions before operating the device to ensure your safety and that of your patient. Below are things you should do before operating the equipment.
  • Examination:  Before operating the equipment, you should examine it to ensure that all cords, screws, and wires are intact. 
  • Ensure Electricity Safety: Before you plug this medical device ensure that there are not exposed cords to prevent trip hazards.