Simple strategies to increase your productivity

If you, like literally millions and millions of entrepreneurs, have a bit of a tough time finding even just a little bit of extra time to finish important tasks, to conduct a little bit more business, and to wrap up big projects, the simple strategies we include below in this quick guide are going to dramatically increase your productivity and boost your bottom line along the way.

It really isn’t that hard to find an “extra” hour or two in the day when you really work hard to do so, and that’s exactly what we are going to help you do right now!

Get up before the sun does

One of the most powerful, influential, and productive habits you could ever hope to generate for your self is the ability to get up before the sun does, rising just as early in the day as you can stand.

The time early in the morning (before everyone else gets up) is going to be one of your most productive times, just because you don’t have to worry about as many interruptions or as many different things trying to pull at your focus and your attention.

Start setting your alarm clock back 15 minutes earlier than you did today right now, and then continue rolling the clock back 15 minutes more every week and in no time at all you’ll be getting up a lot earlier than you do right now – and getting more work done along the way.

Create super small task lists

It might seem like a counter intuitive approach to getting more stuff done, but generating much smaller and much more lean task lists will help increase your output – and the quality of your output – faster than almost anything else.

You see, most of us throw everything and the kitchen sink on a to do list and then get overwhelmed by the magnitude of it all, which inevitably ends up with us procrastinating more and more than we should and kicking things a little bit more down the line.

By creating super small task lists – we’re talking about lists with only three things on it each day – you not only eliminate the sense of overwhelmed completely, but you also force yourself to focus on doing ONLY the things that are most important that day and delegating everything else.

This has the power to make you a lot more productive but it also has the power to improve your focus and your profitability, too.

Learn how to say no more often

Saying no is one of the most challenging things any of us have to deal with, especially when we are entrepreneurs and love nothing more than a new opportunity and a new chance to build something really special and really significant.

At the same time, the only way you are going to be able to corral your forces and generate any real amount of significant input is to say no to more things than you say yes to – marshaling all of your energy to take care of the things you need to do to build and grow your business right now.

Learn to say no to anything that doesn’t get you closer to boosting your business and you’ll really be off to the races!

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