The Top 3 Latest Ford Cars

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Getting to know about Ford’s new cars

It isn’t an easy task to leave the competition in the dust with each new model of a car every year. Ford has defied the odds to do exactly that on a regular basis. To appreciate the significance of the claim, you need to take a quick look at some of the latest Used Cars, trucks, and SUVs that are on display in our Mooresville Ford dealership showroom.

  1. Ford F 150

Ford made a huge statement when it manufactured F 150. The over 40 years of its tradition of customer satisfaction and excellence isn’t coming to an end soon. Ford has been the leading American favorite pickup for over four decades, and that is the legacy that F 150 is carrying on. With a 5-star crash test rating and a military grade aluminum body the pickup carries plenty of weight which makes it more stable. Ford F 150 has access to Ford Sync technology which makes it more intelligent and superb.

  1. Ford Focus

Looking for a car that blends your family’s unique needs with an exceptional experience? Ford Focus is the answer. The Ford industry has gone a notch higher with what it means to be the leading manufacturer of family vehicles. Ford Focus boasts of an elegant exterior design with increased fuel efficiency. More amazingly, Ford has manufactured an electronic model of the Focus.

  1. Ford Escape

This one isn’t one of the standard run-of-the-mill offerings that aim at mimicking other models in the same class. The car has access to blind spot technology which incorporates a warning system. The excellent features added to this model make it stand out among its competitors. The exterior design of the car is aggressive with a compact aluminum body. It offers a more comfortable and exciting interior design that goes beyond the status quo. Ford Escape gives the value for your money with its unique features. It is fuel efficient and more luxurious than you can imagine.

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