Office Jargon Makes you Less Productive

Office jargon according to Conor Cawley has become a staple for a startup culture, which is something that the best online reputation management companies need to fix as soon as possible. If you don’t feel like you have a bandwidth to buckle down, think outside the box and hit the ground running. You might have to drill your own strategy to move forward. The best practices for this may include having an office mentor offline to make sure your heads up about the synergy of your next elevator pitch.

Office jargon is something that has become a staple of the startup culture as well as many businesses worldwide. This practice is something that could cost your company and employees some serious productivity points in the long run. You don’t want all of your employees to be behind on all of their work and not be as productive as they could be. In the new survey from the American Express OPEN, it is said that 88 percent of workers in the U.S. pretend to understand office jargon and they really have no idea what it means. 64 percent of workers will still say that they use jargon words or phrases multiple times a week. Communication in any business is one of the driving factors or success. Any kind of miscommunication can have a serious effect on the productivity as a whole in the office. So lets get to the bottom of this, what exactly is office jargon? Office jargon is foolishness according to some organizations and it is variously known as corporate speak, corporate lingo, business speak, business jargon, workplace jargon, or management speak which is often used in large corporations.

American Express OPEN launched an ad campaign showing the many ways people can say no to office jargon in the office which many businesses should watch and learn from it.