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The Perfect Ergonomic Executive Chair

There is a certain quality to a well run office that comes through the decor and furniture. From startups to long running businesses, any office space will give off an aesthetic of professionalism and poise. A lot of doing business is very visual and presentational. Not only do clients want to see a clean, well kept office when they come in to talk shop, but employees also report higher job satisfaction when they work in an office that looks good.

Of course, it helps if the chair also promotes productivity and success. The concept of the executive chair, equal parts comfort and professionalism, is nothing new. The way that chairs help employees stay focused, however, is becoming a big focus of office furniture manufacturing.  

An Office Chair Should Be Easy on the Eyes and Body

An office chair is where many working employees and management spend a good part of the day. Many offices in the world operate with at least 8 hour work days, meaning that week after week, staff members add up a lot of time spent sitting at a desk. For that reason alone, more ergonomic measures are being taken to improve office chairs, and no single brand is doing it more effectively than Autonomous. The ecommerce brand has revolutionized the perfect blend of comfort, support, and the traditional value of looking like an executive.

No chair from Autonomous embodies this more than the AvoChair. With a classic curved back and tall silhouette, the AvoChair makes a statement from the moment it enters an office. Four colors are offered in this incredible ergonomic office chair, and with options like All Black and Sun Tan, office workers can upgrade current furniture to something more ergonomic and impressionable, all for a great price.

Revolutionize the Office

An important concept in the office as ergonomic furniture has become more and more popular, the AvoChair is designed to feel as if it was customized for any user. No matter someone’s height, weight, or body composition, the AvoChair is built with comfort in mind. That starts with a sturdy diecast aluminum alloy base. The materials that make up the bottom of the chair allow each user’s personal adjustments to be locked in without risk of moving or sliding around. When the right height and tilt are found for each individual, they stay put. That’s peace of mind that allows for the day’s focus to be on work, not adjusting the chair over and over.

The back of the chair is designed to tilt and support the user no matter what. The backing of the tall chair backrest is an ergonomic elastomeric mesh to allow for flexibility and breathability. A long day at the office only shows on the clock, not in sweaty backs with this great material meant for busy professionals. Even the soft ellipsoid arm pads ensure that when leaning, hard plastic armrests do not get in the way of comfort.

A Change in the Office and On Earth

Every AvoChair is designed with recycled materials where possible, and after its long span of life, every part of the Autonomous chair can be broken down easily. This means less buildup in the environment, and a smaller footprint for companies who choose Autonomous as their office furniture provider. Environmental consciousness sometimes looks bare bones, but the AvoChair is the real deal, providing a true executive chair experience at a great cost.

Autonomous Revolutionizes Professional Furniture

Autonomous provides options for office chair ordering in bulk the opportunity to save money with multiple item purchases, as well as provides assembly solutions. A leader in ergonomic furniture, Autonomous allows professionals a safe and healthy way to sit, stand, and succeed. See more here