The 5 golden rules of feminine hygiene

Feminine hygiene is an important topic every woman needs to practice. Having bad or poor hygiene can affect your daily life and make other people feel uncomfortable around you. Every woman needs to practice personal hygiene to stay clean, stay healthy, and feel confident in herself. It should be given the highest priority and should be carried out regularly. In this article, we keep the vagina clean and healthy so you feel confident.

Eat a healthy diet

The food we eat has an impact on our hygiene. A good diet that contains the necessary diet requirements helps promote good hygiene. Avoid sugary foods that alter and destabilize the balance of bacteria in the body. Certain foods affect the way the vagina smells. Foods with good bacteria, like yogurt, are good for the body. It’s also crucial to drink lots of water because water helps wash away toxins from the body.

Wash properly

Washing and cleaning are essential to keep our bodies clean. Cleaning doesn’t just help us stay healthy; it also makes us smell fresh. But, there is a proper way of doing it. Avoid using a sponge because the vagina is a very sensitive part of the body. It should be done with care. The hand is sufficient in carrying out this task. Make sure that you use enough water and avoid using soaps or chemical-based cleaners.

Use the right pads

Sanitary pads keep women protected, safe, and clean during their periods. It’s important to use intimate pads for women because they help with leakage. Using the right pads is very important for comfort and to avoid irritation. Sanitary pads should be changed regularly because using one pad for a long time can cause rashes, irritations, and even smells. So, regardless of the number of flow pads, they should be changed every six hours.

Wear the right clothes

Every part of the body needs to breathe, and your privates are no exception. Wearing tight restricts the amount of air that reaches those regions and causes more sweating in those areas. Sweating can lead to bacterial growth, which is bad for your health and hygiene. It is important to wear breathable clothes like cotton and allow airflow. Because it makes air reach those areas and reduces sweating, which in turn reduces the chances of odor.

Use a pantyliner

A pantyliner helps keep the vagina clean and dry by absorbing the fluids discharged from it. It functions as an absorber, a cleaner, and a moisturizer. It absorbs fluid discharges and keeps the vagina moisturized while doing so. It ensures that the vagina doesn’t get dry and also keeps it clean. It’s a good way to stay clean and smell fresh all day. A pantyliner is a good tool to use to practice good personal hygiene.

As we noted in the beginning, feminine hygiene is important and is something that every woman needs to practice. We have been able to discuss things to do to practice good feminine hygiene to stay clean and healthy. Following them will help you get the best result.