Popularly Shrink Wrapped Items

Shrink wrapping with a used shrink wrap machine is by far one of the most popular packaging methods, used wised by companies within a range of sectors around the world to package a whole host of goods and products. There are now thousands of products packaged in this way every single day, however some products are more popularly packaged in this way than others, some of which we are going to be listing for you today.

Commonly shrink wrapped products

Some of the most popularly shrink wrapped products in the world including the following:

Pharmaceuticals – There are many benefits of packaging pharmaceutical products using shrink wrapping, for example, polyolefin shrink wrap film provides sturdy protection to stop bottles, ensuring that lids to not because loose, because they are transparent making it easy to spot tampering and faults and the ability to brand shrink wrap films.

Meat – Raw meat is really hard to package but thanks to shrink wrapping it has been made much easier. Shrink wrapping meat products is a good idea because it provides meat with protection from contamination and allows meat to stay as fresh and succulent as possible. If you go to the supermarket today and have a look down the fresh meat isle, you will quickly realise that this is most popular packaging method used to pack meat.

Timber – A high number of timber suppliers now choose to shrink wrap their timber to stop it from getting damp whilst in storage and transportation. Shrink wrapping timber and other wood stop planks from getting water damaged and helps them to retain their high quality for long periods of times.

Pallets and multiple products – Whilst you may know the importance of shrink-wrapping individual items, it is important o also understand the importance of stink wrapping multiple goods simultaneously. Many companies choose to wrap multiple products together, such as bottles drinks, to enable them to stay safe and secure both from transit-damage and tempering.

These are only some of the popular items that are shrink wrapped around the world too. If you have a product that you are unsure whether shrink wrapping is the best packaging method, don’t hesitate to contact your local shrink wrap supplier who will no doubt be delighted to assist you and guide you moving forward.