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Alternative Uses for Your Old Garden Hose

If you have recently invested in a new water hose for your garden and are about to throw out your old hose – STOP! You don’t need to throw out your old garden hose, it still had loads of use less in it – just no longer as a hosepipe perhaps. There are many alternative things that you can do with your old hose – and today we are going to be listing just a few of these for you. Keep on reading for inspiration…

Alternative Uses for Garden Hoses

  • Cut garden hoses down into tiny chunks and use them to secure small plants and trees in place to stop them from leaning
  • Paint your old garden hose in a bright colour and hang it in your garden, dangling beautiful decorations for it
  • Cut your hose into a range of different lengths and make a mobile for your garden out of your old garden hose. You can paint it whatever colour you want
  • Swirl up your old garden hose to create a wheel and paint and decorate it how you please – You can then use this in a whole range of ways for example as a piece of wall art or a table top covering
  • If there is only damage to your hose at one end you could cut your hose down to create a shorter hose which could still serve you some purpose
  • Cut your hose down to 6-7 inch pieces and wrap these around your bucket handles to stop your bucket handles from hurting your palms when carrying them
  • Cut your hose down to the same length of your saw to create saw blade covers to provide protection to slow down rusting and other problems

These are just a few ideas too – We are absolutely certain that there are many more ways in which hoses are being around the world, and we would be interested and excited to hear about these too! You can even do all of these things with new hose if you with too – Just visit an online supplier of hose such as The Hosemaster to see all of the different types of air hoses and hose connectors available. You will be able to find any hose that you wish to find on their website, where they sell hose in all lengths, thicknesses, colours, materials and more!