Piano Keyboard Essentials for Writing and Performing Music

Writing and performing variations of music can be accomplished with a proper piano keyboard that has the necessary tools. These accessories allow you to connect to a computer while producing a sound that fits your style and environment.

There is a huge variety of keyboards on the market to choose from, but there are seven essentials that are needed if you want to be a successful musician.

Having a Sustain Pedal

This is not a tool that a beginner player would normally think about, but as you progress into writing and performing the sustain pedal is a must have accessory. This essential helps you to link chords and notes together while allowing selective sounds to resonate or fade at your control.

USB Cable Option

This is popular feature that can be found on most keyboards and is essential if you want to compose or write your own music. The USB allows you to connect to either a laptop or desktop computer, making it possible to use software programs that can turn your ideas into a reality.

Real-Time Control

A standard piano keyboard will come with a pitch-bend and modulation wheel. While these features are nice to have, you’ll want extra sound control options to get the most out of your software when composing. Purchasing a keyboard that has a drum pad will also assist you in finding the beat and drum parts you want to create a full fledge song.


Having a stand seems like a no-brainer, but finding the right stand can make all the difference in the world. You want to purchase one that fits your height, keyboard, and works in a variety of spaces. X-style stands that are adjustable and portable are amongst the most popular type chosen by professionals.


If you are looking to write and perform you want to purchase a piano that can find its power through an electrical outlet, a USB cord, and a battery source. Finding a keyboard that offers all three options will ensure that you can play anywhere while allowing you to take a variety of gigs.


Unless you’re planning on practicing and writing in your own private studio, a decent pair of headphones is an essential tool for all piano keyboard players. Headphones give you the freedom to play whenever you want without disturbing others in your household or neighbors behind thin walls. They can also help you hear little details, allowing you to hone in on areas you want to improve upon.

Adjustable Stool

Being comfortable while you are playing will affect the overall sound and quality that you produce. Finding a stool that is adjustable will give you the proper posture and movement while playing. Adjustable stools are also important if you’re not done growing.