Duromine- Understanding Facts and Fictions

If you are thinking about the loss of weight, then you can use the tablets of Duromine for this purpose. These pills contain the chemical substance Phentermine which is a kind of a psychostimulant drug and has been used by people as an appetite suppressant. The use of this type of drug is beneficial for people who are overweight. Indeed, in the world, a large percentage of the population of it suffers from weight issues which in extreme cases lead to obesity. It is mainly caused by frequent uncontrolled eating habits of a person.   It is better to know more about the function of Duromine before use.


Obesity is caused for various reasons like the gain in the weight due to overeating and frequent snacking habits. In extreme cases, it might lead to a diabetic problem, heart diseases or cancer. In somecases, due to depression, people develop overeating habits which in the long term lead to obesity.  In such cases, doctors recommend the use of this Phentermine derivative which causes loss of weight.  To have effective weight loss, it is recommended by doctors to follow a healthy calorie restricted diet in combination with an exercise regime. The use of this drug re-programs a person’s eating habits. The use of the drug stimulates the hypothalamus to thesynthesis of the hormones which help in controlling one’s appetite.  It is not true that the use of the drug increases the metabolic rates in the body directly. Ratherthis isbecauseof the rigorous physical exercise which would lead to fat burning and increase in the metabolic rates. Duromine starts working straight away, once a person starts taking it.  It is mostly recommended for people that have body mass index of more than 30.


Effects of Duromine use

The use if the drug leads to a lot of side effects. The most common form of side effect is dry mouth, nausea and vomiting. These effects are due to changes in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. It might also lead to bad taste in the mouth or changes in the bowel movement. These changes are often at the beginning of the cycle.  Other symptoms of the drug use might include dizziness, irritability, sudden trembling and fatigue. In extremecases, it might lead to hypertension or cardiovascular diseases in only those that are susceptible to it.  In such cases, the patients are advised to consult their doctors for proper guidance.

Duromine dosage pattern

People often take this drug in the recommended dose once in the morning.  This leads to appetite suppression for at least a period of 12 hours post ingestion of the pills. It creates a satiety feeling in the body thus reducing the food consumption. The main substance of the pill is phentermine should be regulated to prevent addiction to the drug; even the first time users see a remarkable effect on this medicine as it starts working straight away even as early as the first day. Most often these drugs are taken for a short duration, not more than three months as it might lead to changes in the body leading to disorders of the central nervous system like dizziness, irritability or tremor.