Overview of ICC cricket World Cup League Two 2019-2022

Cricket is a game which is largely restricted to only a few countries and played by some nations who see televised coverage of their games. But cricket is n ever growing sport and there are many nations who are looking towards playing with the bigger names and going toe to toe with who most of their opponents as their heroes.

The current process of qualification usually involves a league which gives certain nations an opportunity to be a part of the world cup.

The current league will culminate in the year 2022 and will see some teams fulfil their dream of qualifying for the world cup. The interest in these games has also increased with the Match Predictions which are going on in the fantasy app and the fantasy apps seem to welcome these games as the money involved in such games is quite a lot in these games.

The ones who are involved in the fantasy predictions for these games have to be extensive with their research and here we are to give you an update on how these games are progressing.

As of now with the three games yet to be played we have seen Oman lead the table. They along with USA have played 16 games each and have scored 24 points thus far with the 12 wins that they have managed to get along with 4 losses.

Following them in the second place has been United States who have scored 14 points in 16 games. They have won 7 out of their games and lost 9.

This speaks of the kind of dominance that has been displayed by the Oman team over the rest of the teams right here.

Some other teams who have made an impression are Scotland and Nepal. Scotland in the 10 games that they played scored 6 wins.

A few players who have been very impressive in the tournament so far are the players such as Aqib Ilyas who has performed brilliantly with the bat and scored at an average of 71 with a strike rate of over 80. In 11 games he has scored 644 runs. Monank Patel too has been impressive with his 450 runs at an average of close to 33. Both of these players are going to be good picks for the fantasy players.

When it comes to the bowling aspect, there have been some really impressive performances, one of them has been Zeeshan Maqsood with 16 games and 27 wickets for his team. He is economical too with an average of 19.

Saurabh Netravalkar has also picked up 26 wickets and done so at a great average too.

What this proves is that the world is now accepting this game a lot better than what it was a few years ago and things are only moving upwards for cricket. Things are only going to get better for these associate teams as more coaches and staff comes up.

They would be forces to reckon with as more of their players start playing the leagues in other countries. We have already seen the likes of Sandeep Lamichiane get in to the top leagues. We have seen how playing in different leagues has benefitted Afghanistan cricket with them being one of the top teams now.

This revolution in cricket can only make the game better and more exciting for the players. With teams like USA, Oman, Nepal being in the fray, you can only see other teams stepping their games up to an even better level. It will only make it better for the fans.