Is opting for Spectrum sports pack worth it?

Spectrum TV is an amazing option for avid sports fans who loved to spice up their day with league passes, regional network access as well a mix of sports.

Spectrum TV has many different packages to offer to clients. These packages include a $5 every month sports pack which can be purchased separately as an add-on. This sports pack contains 13 standard channels like National Red Zone, ESPN as well as NBA. The benefit you will receive if you decide to opt for Spectrum TV is that they have an option to include a complete lineup of regional sports as well as out-of-market games. The only issue with the Spectrum sports pack is that it does not contain the NFL Sunday ticket.

The only problem with the Spectrum sports package is that the pricing is a little over the budget. The prices of the sports pack range from $70 to 105. If you wish to access the add-ons like NBA league games and MLB, you will have to first purchase a complete channel bundle. This seems to be a tad bit unfortunate. The pricing of Spectrum TV is actually quite high compared to the other OTT bundles available in the market.

Even though the Spectrum sports pack might seem a little bit expensive compare to the other available options in the market, you must understand that Spectrum gives you a variety of sports channels which is more than all the other providers. Most other providers are locked out of services like NFL network, tennis channel, MLB Network, and ESPN 2. But with Spectrum, you get access to all of these channels and more. Spectrum also includes in its service, a complete range of sports channels belonging to different regions as well as the different league games.

If you are a person who mostly watches one team or is interested in one sport, Spectrum TV might be the option to suit all your needs. On the other hand, in case you are a serious and regular sports fanatic and are looking for a service that will allow you to watch every single game available, then you should go for Spectrum sports packages. If you choose to subscribe to a complete lineup of national as well as regional sports from other networks, it will cost you over $250 every month along with the streaming services. Therefore, if your choice is of more than three sports, Spectrum TV would be a better option for you. Furthermore, if you are looking for Internet services or phone services, then Spectrum TV Has a wide variety of options for you to choose from depending on your convenience.

Spectrum has three different types of sports packages which you can choose to go for along with your normal selections.

Spectrum TV select

Spectrum TV select has over 125 channels and includes sports channels like Fox sports 1, SEC network, NBC sports network, and regional sports networks as well.

Spectrum TV Silver

Spectrum TV silver offers over 175 channels. It contains sports channel like Tennis Channel, ESPN News, ESPN II, CBS Sports Network, golf channel, NBA TV, MLB network etc.

Spectrum TV Gold

This is the biggest package available with the Spectrum TV network. This package has over 200 channels along with sports channels like NHL Network, PAC 12 Channels and Big Ten Network.

Thus, as I mentioned before, if you are an avid sportsperson and want to keep up with all available sports, Spectrum TV network is your network of choice. There is no other TV network that has been able to beat Spectrums Sports package and their coverage of different sports networks.

Is there any good replacement for the Spectrum sports pack? 

If you are looking for a replacement to the Spectrum sports pack, opting for FuboTV might be a good option. FuboTV is currently the best alternative to Spectrum sports pack. It has been successful in providing almost all the live programs and sports access that is offered by the Spectrum TV network. FuboTV offers free trials so that you can check out their services and decide if you want to switch or not.

FuboTV also focuses on other sports networks like Fox Sports 1 and 2, ESPN, Big Ten Network, NHL Network, and finally all other primary sports channels. FuboTV also prides itself in offering add-ons to their clients just like the Spectrum TV networks.

So why should you stay with Spectrum TV network?

There are two channels that are available with Spectrum Tv but not available with FuboTVnetwork. These two channels are TNT and TBS. Therefore, if you are looking for one package which contains all sports channels, Spectrum TV is your go to option.But if you want a few channels only, you can opt for FuboTV