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Online therapy. How it’s working?

In this article we will discuss the process of online therapy and how it is working. Get to know the 10 principles of online therapy

1. The therapist is an expert in psychotherapy and you are an expert in your own life. Establishing a therapeutic relationship that will satisfy both of you will help to achieve the goal of therapy planned by you and the therapist. Get ready for fruitful cooperation!

2. The therapist, although you only know him from the online world, is also human! One hundred percent eager to help you, sometimes he doesn’t have to be the person you want to see regularly. Remember that you can tell us if a therapist does not meet your expectations for some reason. We will help you choose another one that suits you fully.

3. Try to find a quiet place where you can talk to your therapist without any problems. If, for various reasons, this proves impossible, use other options. Conversation in the car, headphones on the ears, or maybe text communication? Together we can do it!

4. The therapist can suggest several tools for internet communication. Decide on one of them and read it early enough to avoid technical problems. You can also make contact with the therapist in advance so as not to do it at the last minute.

5. In case of technical problems, you can contact the therapist by phone. The therapist always provides his mobile number. We are ready for anything!

6. If it happens that for some reason you would not like to continue the therapy, we have a huge request to inform the therapist about it. Perhaps a good option then would be to change the therapist or payment plan for therapy sessions? A difficult financial situation should never prevent you from receiving your therapy.

7. The therapy session lasts 50 minutes. The remaining 10 minutes are for the therapist to rest briefly and prepare for the next session. Take care of your therapist – he is not indestructible. / we wear out too.

8. The online therapy session is the same therapy session as the offline session. This has been proven many times through studies and surveys, and the opinions of patients and therapists.

The great advantage of this form of therapy is the lack of borders and time zones, reaching all places on earth where there are people in need of support. It also works well in a situation where it is not possible to leave the house for various reasons. A good, correct, and satisfactory therapeutic relationship for both participants of psychotherapy fully compensates for the lack of personal contact with the therapist.

9. A therapist during the first few sessions will seek to identify your problem and the purpose of the therapy. Be prepared / prepared for many questions from the therapist, because close cooperation with you will be needed to find the essence of the therapy.

10. Online therapeutic sessions, as well as offline therapeutic sessions, are subject to the same rigors of professional secrecy, for breaking which the psychotherapist is threatened with legal consequences. Moreover, the therapist follows the ethical code and certainly his own moral code. Online therapists also work in their own office, ensuring that no information you provide them with reaches outsiders.