Hurry! Prebook Blackstone 36 Griddle with AirFryer at BBQs 2u

Barbecue is all about grilling and chilling. However, it doesn’t seem right when a part of the family is struggling in the kitchen and remaining enjoying the outdoors. Thus, BBQs 2u understands what Brits are looking for introducing the model variants from Blackstone Griddle to their customers. With grilling their customers also enjoyed cooking, baking, roasting, and searing on one flat surface.

Using a strong, high-quality Blackstone Griddle with a large cooking surface is the easiest and fastest way to prepare delicious meals for huge gatherings with family and friends. Griddles are a great bonus even if BBQers already own a smoker or gas grill because they help prepare the ideal outdoor meal for a small or large group. A Griddle’s large cooking surface allows one to cook a lot of food at once, saving time and energy in comparison to traditional grills.

Their major attraction is the Blackstone 36 Griddle With AirFryer Combo. The most notable option in this gas-fired air frying system set is an additional warming drawer that increases the 756-square-inch griddle preparation surface. When cold or frozen meals are added, the electrical heating elements used to heat indoor air fryers become underpowered and sluggish. The most potent electrical indoor home air fryer now available is quite a little less powerful than Blackstone’s Air Fryers, which are heated with 13,000 BTUs of propane.


  • The grill top and the burners are made of stainless steel. 
  • The entire structure is painted with powder-coated paint that resists rust and is simple to clean. 
  • The Blackstone Griddle Griller with Air Fryer has a good finish, an attractive style, and is worth the price. 
  • The fryer is positioned on the pan’s bottom.
  • It functions admirably and is ideal in this weather. 
  • The warming drawer, which can accommodate up to two quarts of food, is also made of sturdy porcelain-coated steel to keep food warm while being served.
  • One push of a button is all that is needed to light the 36-inch griddle surface. Blackstone’s rear grease management system and its four independent burners, which provide a total of 60,000 BTUs of warmth, make cooking and maintenance hassle-free.
  • Foldable side shelves are at a comfortable counter height and have a magnetic strip for holding metal accessories such as a set of tongs and spatulas on the front, as well as convenient hooks on the side for hanging tools.
  • The Air Fryer Griddle also has a hinged lid, quite like the most gas grills. The lid serves two purposes: it protects the griddle from the elements when not in use and keeps food warm and protected while cooking in the closed position.
  • The propane tank for the AirFryer Griddle is securely fixed to the side of the appliance, which allows the griddle to easily roll across the terrace on its four industrial wheels.

Blackstone Griddle with Air Fryer is no doubt a surprise for most Britons who love grilling, searing, and roasting at the same time. It is a perfect model that gives fresh juicy steak and a hot burger at the same time. at BBQs, 2u customers can place a pre-order for Jan 2023. This winter enjoy hotdog and steak with friends and family at a reasonable price from BBQs 2u.