How To Handle Dental Emergencies?

Any kind of dental emergency like tooth injury or gum problems can be serious and need to be attended urgently. The most frequent dental emergencies include tooth decay, chipped teeth, gum disease, and mouth trauma Although prevention and regular dentist visits are always the best way for preserving oral health, it is more important to know how to be prepared to handle dental emergencies to avoid future damage. Dental emergencies can be handled well with quick and appropriate responses and the right kind of treatment.

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Common dental emergencies

Check the common dental emergencies and the steps to handle them well till you see a dentist.


While some toothaches can be managed without needing emergency care, some symptoms, including swelling needs prompt attention.

  • Aspirin and other medications should be avoided as contact with the affected gums might cause the tissue to burn.
  • Applying a cold compress on the outside of your cheek will provide relief till you make an emergency dental clinic call.

Broken or chipped tooth

A cracked or fractured tooth can happen due to biting down something too hard. It can hurt as well as spoil your beautiful smile.

  • Save the broken pieces
  • Rinsing your mouth with warm water will give temporary relief.
  • Apply a gauze piece to the bleeding area.
  • Apply a cool pack on the area of your face nearest to the broken or chipped tooth to lessen the swelling and ease the pain.

Your dentist will urge you to avoid biting down on hard, crunchy meals, as well as engaging in sports and other activities that could result in teeth breaking or chipping, while seeking Dental Emergency cypress TX.

Knocked out tooth

You might have lost a tooth due to a trip and fall, a fierce tackle, or while playing sports. Whatever might be the cause, a knocked-out tooth has the greatest chance of being saved and returned to the socket if it is attended by a dentist within an hour.

  • Hold the tooth by the crown, the part that can be seen in the mouth.
  • Rinse only the root if it is dirty.
  • Avoid rubbing and removing the connected tissue fragments.
  • You might replace the tooth but avoid pushing it into the socket forcefully.
  • Alternatively, put it in a small cup of milk or water with a pinch of salt.

Lost crowns and fillings

  • Apply a little clove oil with a cotton swab to the painful tooth location.
  • Fill the cavity with sugarless gum, toothpaste, or denture glue.
  • Avoid fixing the tooth yourself.
  • To reapply for the restoration or receive a new crown, you may also place it in a zip-top bag and bring it to your dentist’s office.


Abscesses are infections that develop at a tooth’s base or between the gums and teeth. If left untreated, it can harm the surrounding tissues spreading the infection.

  • Visit a dentist if you see a small, painful swelling in your gums.
  • Keep rinsing your mouth with a gentle salt water solution to relieve the pain.

Preventing dental emergencies

Wearing a mouthguard

It is not possible to prevent unexpected accidents but wearing a mouthguard while practicing or playing sports can help in preventing injuries for which you will have to look for an emergency dentist near me. Avoid playing roughly that might injure your mouth and face, and break or knock out your tooth.

Think before you bite

Watch what and how you eat which is the way to avoid cracked or chipped teeth. Think twice before indulging in your sweet taste. There is also a possibility of chipping a tooth and developing cavities due to excessive sugar intake.

Avoid chewing unnecessary things

Unhealthy habits like chewing on pen caps, nails, and other non-edible items can chip or crack your teeth. Breaking these habits is extremely essential for unnecessary dental emergencies.

Dental emergencies cannot be avoided but they can be prevented by taking precautions to protect your teeth from problems that might need immediate dental care.