How is advancement in technology helping parents and teachers?

This generation of teachers, parents and children have access to technological advances which your parents might not have at their disposal when they were a child. The use of smart phones combined with the availability of internet in it makes many things a lot easier than it was before. These technological advances have helped people to be safe, more productive and efficient in more ways than one. Apps are used on mobile phones which provide the users with better communication, ease of access to different shopping types and also provide security to an extent. With the introduction of a parent communication app you as a parent get live updates on what your child is up to. 

Whatever communication gap that prevailed between you and your child’s tutor is eliminated with the use of this app. Apart from securing your child with security features on this app, you are also able to get updates on different things. 

Security features on the apps for parents

As far as security goes you are updated when your child is picked up, name of the driver, driver’s contact info and the time they reach school. You would also receive updates on when your child starts from school, the driver’s contact information, number belonging to the vehicle as well as the route that they take. Some of these applications are also said to provide you with live tracking with the route and their ETA (Expected Time of Arrival) at home. 

Preschool behavior management and how it helps

As parents you are often not aware of what your child is up to once they get dropped off at school. However, with the preschool behavior management feature on these apps you can get live updates on what your child is up to. Apart from having the ability to live stream videos, there are also pictures which are sent to the application. These pictures show you the exact activities in which they participate in school. This gives the parents a safer feeling knowing what their child is currently doing at school.

Added features on the apps

The other feature which comes along with these apps is the ability to monitor activities by other family members when you are busy. You can simply add your partner or other family members who can keep a close watch on the proceedings at school on your behalf. This gives an added responsibility for the teachers or caretakers which even has made them better behaved at schools. Avoidable incidents would lessen when the teacher or caretaker know that they may be monitored at all times when they are responsible for kids. 

Preschool enrolment made easier

These applications do not just help parents but also schools in general as well. With preschool enrolment option which comes along with the app the parents can directly apply for the enrolment of their children without having to come to the school to do the same. There are said to be easily customizable options available for teachers and administrators which they can make use of to make the app more tailor made for their requirements.