How has technology changed entertainment?

In times gone by, people found novel ways of entertaining themselves. This involved traditional hobbies like knitting, card games or charades. Then technology came along and changed that in a major way. While the traditional ways of keeping entertained are still there, a lot of us now use the many new tech options available to help us relax in our spare time.

It really is no overstatement to say that technology has completely transformed the entertainment sector within the last 20 years. But which areas has it made the most impact in?

Entertainment and tech – a perfect match

In some ways, it is surprising that technology did not make inroads into how we stay amused sooner. It offers such a myriad of ways to relax when we’re not working or busy. Here are the entertainment sectors that have made the most of tech’s recent advances:

  • Music Anyone of a certain age will remember how music used to work. You would physically go to a music shop in town to buy the latest tape or CD to play on your home stereo system. Technology has now flipped this on its head and changed how we listen to music. Today, most people will use a streaming service like Spotify on their mobile devices to enjoy their favorite bands. Home stereos are gone in favor of portable speakers that use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to operate wirelessly.
  • Gambling – This is one of the oldest forms of adult entertainment and still massively popular today. Technology has really affected and even enhanced how we play our favorite casino games and place bets. Many people now choose to play at a fabulous online casino for the convenience and huge choice of games they offer. For sports betting, many punters are now also shunning the physical bookies to place their bets online.
  • Social media Technology has had such an impact here that it created a way of staying amused that didn’t even exist before! You no doubt use social media a lot in your daily life and have an account with all the major players like Twitter. With 330 million worldwide users for Twitter alone, it is clear to see how popular this way of staying connected with your friends is.
  • Gaming Another area that has seen big changes thanks to new tech is the gaming sector. This includes gaming on your mobile phone, which is a massive sector that is estimated to generate around $50 billion annually. It also accounts for more traditional video gaming, where bigger and better consoles can play even more advanced games. When you add in new niches like eSports that tech has allowed to develop, it is clear to see just what a change there has been.

Tech will continue to change the landscape

One thing seems pretty clear when it comes to entertainment – technology will continue to have a major say in how we have fun. Whether it is totally new entertainment niches or changes to more traditional ones, the way we spend our spare time in the future may look nothing like it does now!