Rest in Orlando: Important Notes to Tourists

Many of those who want to rest in the fabulous city of Orlando are interested in car rental. The reason for this is the excellent road infrastructure of Florida, which makes driving a car very fascinating and comfortable. Every tourist must know all about the place he is travelling, in order to avoid problems. Thus, here is the list of important moments while going to Orlando:

Rent a Car in Orlando

It is possible to rent a car via Internet, at local rental companies or directly at the airport. For rent on the spot, you will need a passport or international passport, a credit card and a driving license. And an immediately important advice to the drivers! Before the trip, you need to issue an International Driving License. According to state law, a foreign citizen can drive a vehicle in Florida only with the IDL. However, it is better to book a car in advance on the site online, so it turns out faster and much cheaper than at car rental in Orlando airport.


Please note that on the roadsides of expressways there are no gas stations! All of them are located away from the roads, at the road exits, as well as all kinds of roadside cafes. At refueling stations with self-service, refueling devices do not accept foreign cards, neither credit nor debit. You have to pay to the cashier. Gasoline in the US is now cheap, as in Dubai – about 40 cents per liter.

Parking Places

 Just get ready, that parking will quickly turn into one of the main items of expenses in the budget of your trip. Payment for it is kept almost everywhere: even near restaurants and churches. The cheapest is $2 an hour, the most expensive – for $20 (parking near the parks of Disney World and Universal Studios, however, this is the cost for the whole day).

What to See in Orlando

After one of the main steps to a trip around the sights of the city – rent a car, you need to decide on the route. Where to go to Orlando?

Its worldwide fame this resort has received thanks to the nearby largest themed attractions and all kinds of amusement parks: “Disney World”, Universal Orlando Resort and many others. In addition, in this metropolis there is almost always a bright sun shining, as well as a huge number of restaurants, museums, supermarkets, luxury hotels and many interesting places with beautiful nature. In the local “Disneyland”, there is always the opportunity to see many heroes from different cartoons and ride on exciting attractions. It consists of four zones, two water parks, twenty hotels, several large shops, many cafes and other different places for sports and leisure. Nevertheless, the special pride of this metropolis is Epcot. This center is a small town, modeling the community of the future. Undoubtedly, all amateurs of films enjoy the impressive size of the park “Universal Studio”. It is entirely dedicated to the fascinating world of cinema. For the comfort of its visitors this place is divided into six thematic zones, each one can find a lot of everything unique and exciting.

In addition, Orlando has picturesque botanical gardens, unspoiled beaches and beautiful lakes. Moreover, with the help of car rental in Orlando you should also go on an exciting excursion to the Space Center, where you can see the pads. It is on the island of Merritt and is named after President George Kennedy, who sent the first man to the moon.  Have a nice trip!