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Houston Crash Rates Among Highest In Nation

Have you or a loved one experienced injury because of the negligence or disregard for traffic laws by an at-fault party in Houston?

Statistics show that crashes in Houston are among the highest in the nation. If you or a loved one received injuries in a car or truck crash in Houston, contact a Houston personal injury attorney that focuses on the merits of your specific case and seeking compensation for your injury and loss.

What statistics show about Houston crash rates

The Houston Chronicle conducted an investigation into traffic deaths in Houston. The shocking results likely show why Houston tops the list when looking at statistics regarding major metropolitan area fatal crashes. The Houston area also tops the nation in the fatal crashes involving drivers impaired by alcohol or other drugs.

The number of crashes resulting in deaths dropped across Texas in 2017, yet the state had the highest number of traffic-related fatalities in the country in 2017. The number of alcohol-impaired driving fatalities dipped a meager 0.7 percent.

Insurance Council of Texas spokesperson Mark Hannah pointed to more people moving into Texas resulting in more people on Texas highways increasing the likelihood of a crash occurring with injuries. Both Hannah and James Lynch, actuaries at the Insurance Information Institute, blame distracted driving as a primary cause of crashes.

There was a small decrease in crashes in 2018. Despite the number of traffic crashes dropping in 2018, Texas still leads the country in the number of fatal crashes. Individuals involved in vehicle crashes continued experiencing serious injuries and deaths related to the negligent acts of others on Houston roadways.

Hiring the right Houston personal injury attorney for your case

Whether the at-fault driver violated traffic laws, got behind the wheel while impaired, caused a crash when distracted by texting or talking on a Smartphone or for some other reason, hiring the right attorney potentially makes a difference in the outcome of your case.

Hiring an experienced Houston personal injury lawyer means that your attorney knows Houston courts, has the knowledge to gather evidence, and other information necessary to build a successful case. When you or a loved one receives injuries or dies as a result of the at-fault party, you want an attorney that has the dedication to see the case through to successful outcome.

A successful outcome does not always mean lengthy court proceedings. Many Houston personal injury cases are settled out of court. Whether settled out of court or through judgment decision by a judge, trusting the right attorney often allows injured parties the opportunity to return to their lifestyle as much as possible after a Houston car or truck crash.