A crime thriller movie Anjali CBI must watch

To run a society or nation governing system is the most necessary step. Each and everything should have a proper plan to develop a great empire. For this purpose, discipline and strict laws get amended. Governance checks from time to time whether things are working correctly or not. Since India is the largest democracy in the world, it needs an intelligent and workaholic governing body. Higher officials are appointed to effectively run this country.

Sometimes when there are errors in the governing process due to some internal or external reasons, an investigating team is appointed. CBI is the highest investigating department of India. It usually deals with high-profile cases heating the country’s environment.

During the Pandemic period, all movie theatres and cinema halls were closed. OTT platforms delivered the complete package of entertainment to us. Not only the latest movies but also some mind-blowing web originals. It has changed the future of digital media. These web shows had thrilling stories and unique scenes, which left our mouths wide open. Due to the increasing popularity of OTT platforms in India, several multinational production companies had launched their own OTT platforms. The Telugu film industry had also launched the Aha in 2020. The Aha streams the latest Telugu movies and web originals. Users can either Indian movies online or download them.

Here is a review on Telugu blockbuster streaming on the Aha, Anjali CBI:

Anjali CBI is a situational story of a crime thriller. The plot is based on a battle against a serial killer known for kidnappings and murders. Nayantara, playing the character of IPS Anjali in the story, works as a CBI officer. She and her family get involved in the game of hiding and seek with the killer. The serial killer plots himself as the dead serial killer Rudra and announces his revival. Even he had challenged authorities to stop him if they had the power to face him.

Anurag Kashyap, playing the character of the serial killer, had kidnapped Anjali’s sister-in-law. He frames Anjali’s brother as a former killer creating trouble for Anjali. She gets suspended from her job even though her family is under police custody. Later, Anjali investigates the case on a personal level with her friend. She finds the serial killer and brings justice to her family and herself. The plot of the movie is filled with suspense and drama. Nayantara and Anurag Kashyap had delivered a lot of thrill to the storyline, making it a masterpiece. If you like Telugu crime movies and love suspense drama, subscribe to the Aha.

Telugu cinema had always presented high-quality and content-rich movies. We had also witnessed multiple remake versions of Telugu movies and songs in Bollywood breaking the box office records. So, we must promote the Telugu cinematic industry by appreciating their hard work and skills. The Aha is an initiative of increasing the growth rate of Telugu cinema.

The Aha is the only Telugu OTT platform in the digital market, streaming-only Telugu movies and shows. The sole motto of the Aha is to promote the Telugu art industry and its culture.