5 Off-Beat Things to Do in Mount Abu

Mount Abu, the only hill-station of Rajasthan, is one of the famous tourist attractions of Western India. The place is a centre of attraction mainly for history buffs and nature lovers. There are many royal forts, palaces, Hindu and Jain temples that attract tourists with their architecture and folklore. The hill-station holds a good reputation among trekkers too.

Basically, there are lots of fun activities and adventure that you can enjoy in Mount Abu. But if doing the same thing that everyone does is not your cup of tea you’ll like to know some off-beat stuff you can do in Mount Abu.

The first thing you should do differently from the mainstream is booking cheap hotels in Mount Abu. Almost everyone goes to luxury hotels but spending half of your travel budget on accommodation is not always a smart decision. After getting a cheap hotel with the homely comfort, you can start your off-beat trip to Mount Abu.

Explore the Rural Life of Mount Abu

The tourist attracting centres are developed to suit the taste of visitors. If you want to see the real picture of a place, Mount Abu in this case, you need to take slightly different path allotted for tourists. Although Mount Abu is like an oasis for Rajasthan the rural life is not very distinct. The state is a house for people living toughest as well as the soberest lifestyle. Take a jeep safari and explore the rustic sides of the hill-station. Nothing in the tourist centres can be as attractive as the genuine innocence and greed-free hospitality of villagers.

Go Camping in Mount Abu

Camping is one of the best ways to live with nature. Mount Abu is a city where nature has taken a very distinct form with a mixture of dessert and plateau. Although there are some agencies that provide trekking and camping packages living in close vicinity to some village and villagers gives a completely different experience. The local villagers of Mount Abu are so innocent and helpful that they don’t mind helping any tourist to live and explore their lives for some days.  

Enjoy Red Radish

Red radish is one of the few things of Mount Abu that you cannot easily find anywhere else in India. Don’t worry you don’t have to go looking for them in woods or on hills. You can find hawkers selling this tasty looking fruit like thing almost near all essential places where tourists flock. The seller will cut the red radish sprinkle some salty masala (spice) and put few drops of lemon for you. This unique thing is worth experiencing especially with the masala prepared by the locals of Mount Abu.

Explore the township of Mount Abu on two-wheels

Okay, villages are not the only thing that gives you a glimpse of culture. The city of Mount Abu is worth exploring. But, going to places in cabs and taxis with a professional guide is too mainstream. You can hire bike and scooter and roam around the city like a local rather than a tourist. When you drive your way through the roads of Mount Abu you don’t have to go only to a restaurant suggested by your driver-cum-guide; you can munch on street foods wherever you feel like. Driving on unknown paths is always adventurous.

Experience the wide array of Rajasthani cuisines

It’s completely okay to get tempted on seeing pizza joints or any restaurant serving your favourite dish. But, focusing on eating what you can’t normally eat anywhere is the most distinct feature of all off-beat travellers. Don’t go for ‘global foods’ that you can eat in any restaurant rather choose exclusive cuisines of Mount Abu. Daal Baati Churma, Gatte, Kikoda, Ghevar, Makhaniya chance etc. should be on your plate.   

Hope you enjoy your off-beat trip to Mount Abu with these pieces of advice. If you have some other off-beat ideas in your mind feel free to share them with us through comment.