3 Great Tips to Encourage the Artist in Your Toddler

While you are habituated to see your toddler running here and there, making a lot of actions, talking, laughing and overall being active.

Image Courtesy: tinytinyshopshop.com.au

But even toddlers sometimes feel like sitting quietly. What do they do at such times? They tend to draw and paint!

Yes, as babies love to run, dance, hop and jump, they also love to draw figures that might be unknown to you, but have a lot of meaning from their point of view.

1. When can You Expect Your Toddler to Start Drawing?

You’ll have to wait and watch because it’s a slow process. Her ability to use her fine motor skills and so, her hands, will steadily improve over the last months of her first year.

The meaning of this is that she will be getting prepared to pick up and make use of crayons.

When she is around 15 months old, she may be able to scribble. But don’t worry, if she takes a bit longer.

At around the age of 18 months, your toddler will perhaps develop a liking for drawing and painting with crayons, paints or washable felt tips. He will grip the brush or crayons with his entire hand and paint and scribble with large movements.

Between the age of two and three years, she will learn how to hold a brush or crayon with her thumb and first two fingers.

In the beginning, your baby will perhaps finish his picture and tell you that it is of Mommy or Daddy or your pet or his favourite toy or some other thing.

But after this stage, your baby will plan first what she will draw before she begins which indicates that she is confident that she can draw something which will tell about itself.

2. Encouraging Your Baby to Draw and Scribble

Provide your upcoming artist with large sheets of paper. It’s a good idea to tape them to the table or floor. You can also get a great range of art materials for toddlers at https://www.tinytinyshopshop.com.au/ or at any other toy store online.

It’s advisable to provide your baby sturdy, thick crayons, washable paints or washable pens. You could even try solid chalk to paint on paving stones, in summer months.

A great way to encourage your little artist is to collect leaves from your backyard or a local public park. These leaves should be of a variety of textures and shapes.

Next, help your toddler to dip these leaves in colours and then place them on the paper and she will get excited to see the patterns and prints produced.

By far, you can use any trash such as worn out CDs, bowls, strings, dried out flowers and many such things to help your toddler create interesting patterns.

This way you can trigger his creativity to use objects to be trashed for creating beautiful drawings and paintings.

Encourage him to use things found in the nature such as stones, shells, grass blades, feathers, twigs and many such objects to make drawings and even sculptures which he can paint later.

Also giving her colourful art kits for kids from Tiny Tiny Shop Shop is a great idea to encourage the artist in her.

Image Courtesy: tinytinyshopshop.com.au

3. Let Her Do it on Her Own

Rather than instructing her about what to do and what not to do, leave things up to her own creative flair and imagination.

Encourage her to experiment with colours and materials, so that she can find the best medium through which she can express her thoughts.

And don’t forget to encourage him after he finishes. The praise should not look unreal. Show that you are interested in and pleased with his work. This will make him confident and also independent to take his own decisions.

Art in children is also a part of their development and you should nurture it with appropriate encouragement. Do that and you’ll be happy to see the overall growth of your baby.