2020 Storage Unit Trends to Look Out For

Self storage companies are just like any other businesses. They understand that they can never afford to rest on their laurels. They know that their market is always changing as are the technologies that they employ in the services they offer. By keeping in touch with demand, staying abreast of changing consumer habits and leveraging technology to deliver robust solutions they strive to bring greater value to their clientele and expand their market reach.

If you’ll be taking advantage of Self Storage in Chiswick in 2020 you may be surprised to find that the landscape of storage solutions has changed a great deal in recent years. As we dive into a new decade, here are some storage unit trends you can expect to see more of…

Greater use of climate-controlled storage

Storage unit users’ needs are growing more complex and diverse. Some may want to store antiques while others may want to store precious books. Some may want to use their storage to keep computers and electronic devices while some others may want to store electrical appliances.

All of these items can be compromised by the ambient climate no matter how secure the unit itself is. That’s why climate-controlled storage units are becoming increasingly commonplace.

More small business use

An uncertain economy cannot dampen the entrepreneurial spirit. And as more and more digitally native millennials find themselves disillusioned by the job market we can expect a rise in entrepreneurship. But nascent businesses understand the importance of curbing overhead costs in their crucial early years. Which is why more and more new businesses opt for storage units as a more affordable alternative to expensive office space. Indeed, many find that the quieter and less distracting atmosphere is actually more conducive to productivity.

Storage units are also a useful alternative to expensive warehousing which is often surplus to requirements for smaller businesses.

Greater use of apps and online booking

In catering for consumers who are used to doing everything online, we’ve noticed that more and more storage providers have their own apps or are shifting towards providing the facilities for booking storage units online. Combined with greater use of automated booking this is appealing for the millennial generation who are accustomed to doing a growing amount of their business through apps or at least highly responsive mobile websites.

Not that we’re ever less than delighted to pick up the phone when someone wants to have a good old fashioned natter with us about their storage needs!

Greater use of storage units for downsizing

It’s not just millennials and entrepreneurs who are finding themselves gravitating towards storage units. More and more people reaching retirement age are downsizing and moving into smaller, lower maintenance homes to ensure that their pension goes further for them.

As such, we’re noticing many older baby boomers taking advantage of the comprehensive and flexible storage solutions on offer.

At Henfield Storage we’re completely committed to providing high quality, dry and secure storage that’s fit for a range of purposes. If you’re looking for a higher standard of self storage in Chiswick as well as Southwark, Staples Corner, Wimbledon or Horsham click here to get to know our self storage options a little better!