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Woodworm Concerns – When to Call Pest Control Services

Woodworm infestation can be a homeowner’s nightmare. These tiny insects, the larvae of wood-boring beetles, can wreak havoc on wooden structures, causing significant damage and financial strain. Knowing when to call pest control services is crucial to addressing woodworm concerns promptly and effectively.

Let’s explore the signs of woodworm infestations, their risks, and the appropriate times to seek professional assistance from Pest Control Manchester. It is a family-based company serving across Manchester for over 30 years. They are famous for fast response, like same-day pest control solutions that last long.

Understanding Woodworm Infestations

Woodworm is a collective term for various species of wood-boring beetles, including the common furniture beetle (Anobium punctatum), the deathwatch beetle (Xestobium rufovillosum), and the house longhorn beetle (Hylotrupes bajulus).

These insects lay their eggs in wooden structures’ cracks, crevices, or pores. On hatching, the larvae emerge from the eggs and start feeding on the cellulose and lignin in the wood. Thus, chambers and tunnels get drilled into the wood.

Signs of Woodworm Infestations

Detecting a woodworm infestation early is crucial to minimize damage. Here are some common signs to look for:

  1. Small Holes: Tiny, round exit holes (usually 2-3mm in diameter) on the wooden surface indicate adult beetles emerging from the wood.
  2. Fine Sawdust:Known as frass, this is a powdery residue left behind by the woodworm larvae as they tunnel through the wood. It often accumulates beneath infested wooden items.
  3. Weakened Wood:Infested wood becomes structurally compromised as the larvae eat away at it. You may notice sagging or weakened beams, floorboards, or furniture.
  4. Audible Activity: In the case of the deathwatch beetle, you may hear a tapping or clicking noise from the wood, particularly at night. The beetles cause this sound as they communicate with each other.
  5. Presence of Adult Beetles: Seeing adult beetles near wooden structures clearly indicates an infestation. However, this is less common as the adults usually emerge from the wood and disperse quickly.

The Risks of Woodworm Infestations

Ignoring woodworm infestation can lead to several risks and consequences:

  1. Structural Damage
  2. Financial Loss [costly damage repairs or property resale value decrease]
  3. Infestations left untreated worsen the situation
  4. Legal Issues when selling a property

When to Call Pest Control Services

Woodworm infestation carries a lot of risk, so it’s essential to know when to seek professional pest control services:

  1. Upon Detection: Early intervention can prevent further damage and reduce repair costs.
  2. Regular Inspections: Regular inspection by a pest control expert can help identify and address issues before they escalate.
  3. Before Property Transactions: Addressing infestations can streamline the selling process and prevent potential legal issues.
  4. DIY Remedies: While some DIY woodworm treatments are available, they may not be as effective as professional solutions.


Woodworm infestations are a significant concern for homeowners because of their ability to damage structural integrity, leading to financial loss. Learn to identify woodworm infestation signs and call professional pest control experts to address the concerns before it worsens.

Early intervention ensures that the health and integrity of your wooden structures and furniture are well-maintained for years. Don’t hesitate to seek professional assistance when dealing with woodworm concerns to protect your property and investment.