Why should you go for CakePHP for your Online Business?

Today, there are a lot of open and closed source frameworks being used for web development by web software development company to create online websites. But, CakePHP is ahead of others. Here are some points which make it a preferable option for your online business.

Better architecture

It has futuristic software engineering programming and is filled with high quality software engineering patterns. CakePHP’s architecture ensures that business logic is separated from presentation and data. It also assures that your app is created with perfection and ease and is ready to win the online competition without much effort.

Nominal development costs

Today, the best companies use CakePHP. This is one of the best indications that CakePHP is advantageous for online firms. As it is open source, it is easy to download and saves a lot on your download and royalty fees. The custom php web development company can weave magic with this framework and create a wonderful web application for your company.

Higher ROI

For all those into online business, the stakes are naturally high. People expect a shorter ROI. And, it is only possible, if you gather visitors for your sites and convert the leads to sales. CakePHP offers methods where you can increase your conversion rates. It creates an amazing website for you which ensure that customers spend higher time on the site thereby assuring better business for your company.

Low development times

CakePHP lowers the development time of your online site or app drastically. It has several technical features which ensure that the development time is lowered by a large margin. For instance, CakePHP websites load quicker and render robust specs. It allows better web app development in a quicker and simpler manner with lesser use of code.

Recommended for simple to complex systems

The framework provides a flexible database access layer as well as robust scaffolding scheme which make it possible to develop small and big projects. Thus, it is easier, faster and better to develop web applications with CakePHP.

Top notch security

In the present scenario, where safety is of great importance, CakePHP comes with a lot of built-in tools which offers you top notch security. Components for input validation, XSS protection, and uniform tampering security are perfect in CakePHP. The dedicated cakephp developer has an assurance of a fool proof and safe platform to create your online website.

Recommended for commercial project

CakePHP is available as CakePHP 3.5 Red Velvet flavor now, so going for an eCommerce project is quicker, stronger and better. As CakePHP is licensed under the MIT license, it is greatly recommended for commercial purpose. It has dozens of built-in features like database access, authentication, MVC support, authentication and more which helps it to make a perfect online product.


Surely, CakePHP is an amazing open source web framework for quick web app development. It comes with amazing feature, so you easily develop robust, safe and business friendly websites in a short time period, thereby giving you the perfect start which you need for your online business.