Why Does Mattress Recycling Matters?

While spending lavishly on our lifestyle, we usually forget how poorly we impact our environment. But it is time we take this seriously and understand that the environment is extremely important to us and we need to take our best steps to make it sustainable. Hence, it is important that we reduce our waste in every possible way. This also involves thinking about what we do with our mattresses and how it ends up. As too many mattresses are illegally dumped every year in the landfills, we will explore ways of recycling it.

What is the recycling program?

Recycling mattresses is not an easy job, owing to their size and weight. Hence, most of the states and major cities around the world are developing programs to facilitate mattress recycling. This is a great effort towards reducing the waste and pollution and effectively helps in reusing old mattresses. The mattress companies collect fees against every mattress they sell and they are turned over to the MRC or the Mattress Recycling Council. They in turn use all of these funds and encourage the recycling efforts.

What happens with the fees?

Whenever you are buying a mattress, the mattress foundation charges you with a nominal fee that is especially dedicated to recycling. This fee is not applicable to the old mattresses that are sold outside specific premises. Once the fees are collected, the retailers then transfer this money to the Mattress Recycling Council or the MRC. They aim to utilize this money towards subsidizing the recycling efforts. This means that when you are putting your old mattress for recycling, you won’t need to pay any extra amount.

This fee has become mandatory today, but there is no mandate that asks you to recycle it even if you do not want to. You can continue disposing of it the way you want to.

Time to recycle

With the help of this beneficial program, you can now easily contribute in preserving the environment. Now you can directly participate in these facilities with absolutely no additional costs. Also, there are retailers who drop off the new mattress to you and take your old mattress with them for free. You can always check online to find where these facilities are located.

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