Who is eligible for Covid vaccine?

As we all know, Covid-19 is a fearsome virus that is very dangerous towards our health. This is because this virus is very deadly and can kill the infected people. In fact, its ability to infect others is very great and the threat it poised is too much to handle. Not just that, thousands of people had died due to this virus infection. Most of them experienced the same symptoms such as cough, fever and shortness of breath. The infectivity of this virus is very difficult to handle, hence this is why the World Health organization (WHO) decides to declare this virus as a new pandemic. The only possible solution that can help to eradicate it for good is one and only, corona virus vaccine.

Yes, coronavirus vaccine is the only solution that can cure this problem. Following Covid-19 protocols is not enough because these protocols were designed just to help minimize the infection, but not to cure it. With this important information, many vaccine developers had tried to help produce the vaccine in order to achieve the zero Covid-19 infection rate. In late 2020, some vaccine developers mentioned that they are currently working to finish the vaccine development by that year and people will be able to use it in early 2021. The promise then was fulfilled. In January 2021, some notable Covid-19 vaccine developers such as Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccine mentioned that their vaccines are ready to be used. Since then, many governments decided to import these vaccines into their respective country.

Many countries decided to run their own Covid-19 vaccination program. In Malaysia, this vaccination program is run by the government and the vaccines are given for free to the people. However, who is eligible for Covid-19 vaccine? In most of the countries including Malaysia, this vaccine is provided for everyone. But, some countries might have their own exception. Free vaccine also means that the waiting time is longer. This is because the government will give the vaccine shot to the people that they think is important first. Most of the countries in this world gave the vaccine to the Prime Minister first because they are considered as the most important person during the fight against Covid-19 virus. If Prime Minister & their team got infected by deadly virus, who knows what might happen to their country?

The second group that is also important during this pandemic is the frontliners. Frontliners involve someone that risks their life in order to help cure the infected person and fight the infection. They involve the doctors, nurses, pharmacists, medical health practitioners and also other people that are related to the ministry of health. They will be given the nod to take the vaccine shot first. After them, comes the high-risk group such as the elderly. They need to be protected first since their body is susceptible to infection more than the young one. After this group, then comes the turn for other people that had signed for this vaccination program. The process is surely time consuming, but the result will be very satisfying. It is always good to remember that we need to be patient while waiting for our turn. This program takes time, and the good comes to those who are willing to wait. Hopefully, everyone will be vaccinated soon as we will be able to achieve the herd community, hence eradicating this virus from our earth for good.