What Type of Shelf Is Best for Your Warehouse?

When it comes to shelving and storage, warehouses are complex environments which have a multitude of distinctive needs. The type of shelving which would work perfectly at home or in an office is highly unlikely to be strong or durable enough for use in a warehouse, where heavy tools or pallets of inventory are stored.

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Therefore, choosing shelving which has been specifically designed to be used in warehouses will ensure you can keep up with the needs and requirements of your warehouse for years to come.

Rivet Shelving

According to Persistence Market Research, there is a growing demand for industrial racking systems, with this being largely fuelled by the growing popularity of e-commerce. Rivet shelving is a type of industrial shelving which is available in single- and double-rivet variations. Choosing which option is best for you mainly depends on the weight quantity you need to store per shelf. Whilst double-rivet shelving holds more weight per shelf (usually 1,300 to 1,500 pounds), single-rivet shelving only holds approximately 250-350 pounds per shelf.

Nevertheless, single-rivet shelving can still have a place in your warehouse if you have a lot of small inventory or parts to keep organised. Single-rivet shelving also has slimmer shelves, meaning you can potentially fit a greater number of shelves on each unit.

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Pallet Racks

Pallet racks are designed to support heavy pallets full of inventory or merchandise. However, pallet racks should also have the ability to be quickly loaded or unloaded using a forklift. They also allow you to make efficient use of your vertical space and free up more room on your warehouse floor, allowing you to create a more efficient workflow. If you are just starting up, opting for used pallet racking instead of buying new can be a great way of cutting costs. Used pallet racking will perform just as well and allows you to spend money on other important areas of your growing business.

Cantilever Racks

If you have a large number of items which are several feet long to store and they won’t fit on other types of shelving, then cantilever rack shelving is likely to be the solution. Cantilever racks are ideally suited for storing things such as lumber, tubing, pipes and anything that other shelving types are not designed to hold.