What to look for when you choose the cooking items

The quality of the cooking utensils, their care, as well as the choice of the right utensil for every job we need, plays an important role in the quality of the food we are preparing. Even heat distribution is important, and it depends on the material with which it is made. Today we can find a wide variety of pottery cookware making materials, especially when visiting HouseByUs , which can cover any of our needs.

Ultimately, what is it that makes a pot good? Knowing our cooking utensils, we can achieve a healthier and therefore better and delicious food.

Construction materials

Stainless steel

This type of pots is considered durable. They are made of iron combined with other materials, usually chrome and nickel. The pots are rated according to the mixture of metals. Many pans have a core of aluminum between two layers of stainless steel – called Tri-ply- or even aluminum or copper in addition to the base to assist in heat distribution.

In general, it is a durable and healthy option. It is an inert metal, which means it does not react with food and does not release chemicals that can pass into our body. The food does not get stuck if the pan has warmed up well. We can also use any metal or other object without fear of being engraved.

What to watch out for

– We make sure the utensils we choose have a thick base, because it will not be easy to burn our food.

– We pick someone who has no contaminants of dangerous metals that come in direct contact with the food.

– We prefer stainless steel 18/10 stainless steel utensils.


It is a pot that displays a uniform heat distribution and cooks easily and quickly. Usually the pots are coated with layers of enamel material in different colors and also with non-stick coating for easy cleaning. Hard-anodised aluminum cookware is made of aluminum processing. This makes the surface very durable and much stronger than stainless steel.

What to look for:

– Their disadvantage is that they must be kept clean without cracks, peelings or scratches that become microbes. Replace our old utensils with new ones.

– It is advisable to avoid cooking in aluminum-leafy vegetables or tomatoes, which tend to absorb it more easily.

– We do not leave the food for a long time after the end of cooking in aluminum utensils, because it can be oxidized.


The most expensive pot material is copper, which is a good heat conductor and produces excellent cooking results. Virtually all styles are coated with stainless steel to strengthen the copper framework. Steel creates a magnetic union with the surface of the hearth, it heats up and acts as a substitute fireplace for our copper pot. Unlike other pots, cup cookware is susceptible to tarnish, so we need to often treat it with a special cleaner to keep it in perfect condition.

In cookware, copper is considered safe because it is found among other metals and does not come in direct contact with food. Only if the coating is corroded can heat, into our food.

What to look for:

– We prefer utensils lined with stainless steel.

– If we have uncoated copper or glassware, we do not put milk and dairy products there, because they can react with the metal, resulting in a risk of toxicity to our body. The same applies to honey and citrus juices, as these foods have acidic properties that could react with this particular metal.

– Avoid using such utensils to eat or drink.

– To keep its shine, smear it with salt and lemon juice.