What Happens If There Are Multiple Drivers Involved In A Car Accident

A car collision can be devastating, but a collision of multiple cars can lead to tragic consequences. Unfortunately, it is difficult to determine who was at fault in a multi-car accident. Most of the car accidents we see involve rear-ending. The damages are minimal when the accident involves only two-vehicle. The problem arises when a line of cars travels too closely and piles up in an accident.

In this type of accident, the driver at fault is held responsible for all the damages that occurred to the other vehicles. If you are involved in multiple car accidents, you should contact Palmdale Lancaster car accident lawyers.

What happens if there are multiple drivers involved in a car accident

Most law follows the modified comparative negligence formula to spot liability which is all drivers involved in the accident will have to share the blame. But it is only applicable if the liable driver has less than 50 percent fault in the accident, they will receive compensation–but the amount will be less due to the percentage of their responsibility. For example, if they are 30 percent liable, they will receive a 30 percent reduction of the total compensation. 

You should do the following things to determine the liability of the accident.

  • Document the accident

Document every possible thing you see after the accident. Take the contact numbers of all the drivers involved in the accident. If possible record the incident via video or audio after the accident, you will get various evidence from it. Take notes from bystanders about what did they witness in the accident. Click photos of the injuries and damages to your car. However, if you receive serious injuries, you should call an ambulance.

  • Narrate your story and get a police report

Do not panic when the police arrive at the accident scene. Stay calm before telling them your side of the story. Do not respond emotionally which may turn them to other drivers first. After telling them about the incident take a copy of the report and get in touch with your insurance provider. Your insurance company will still ask for other evidence like medical records and cross-check the facts.

A multi-car accident can be difficult to deal with for the victims but the faster you respond to make a case the quicker you receive the compensation. But make sure that you do it before the statute of limitations rounds out or otherwise you will have to pay out-of-pocket.