What are the new Windows 11 features and how to get them? Let’s find out!

Computers, ever since their invention, have captured everyone’s fantasy. They are incredible devices, and honestly, that is the one of the humblest compliments you can give them. One of the behemoths of the industry, Microsoft, has always been launching new software. Microsoft has played a pivotal part in making computers mainstream too, with the help of its Windows Operating System.

Windows needs no new introduction from us. If you are on your PC while reading this blog, there’s a very high chance that you are reading from a Windows computer. Windows have certainly played their own part in changing the world. However, Microsoft is not just done, yet. It is still working every day to make our digital world even more synchronised, sometimes with a few baby steps and at other times, with massive strides.

Every few years, the company releases new OS versions of the Windows platform. And with each iteration, Windows gets even better. There are more features, greater accessibility, new tools for you to use, and lots more. Windows 11 is the latest release by Microsoft and takes yet another step towards making your computer truly yours. 

Keeping it familiar, but new too

Microsoft has launched the Windows 11 by keeping in mind, the way Windows always used to be: easy to use and efficient. Still, there have been enough new improvements in the overall software to make you feel that things have changed. This ensures that long time fans of the software are not disappointed, while managing to pull a few more people towards it too. 

There are new innovations aplenty within Windows 11, if that’s what you are wondering about. There are major changes in the overall user interface, and you can notice the changes too. For starters, you will notice that the beloved Windows Start button has now come to the centre of the taskbar. And so have the apps. There is a difference in the Start button as well, as it has lost its rather sharper corners. 

A more fluent design, all across Windows 11

The biggest changes are certainly the designs, animations and all the other icons. There has been a focus on making sure that everything seems cleaner now and has been able to do so with expertise. Light mode on a Windows device has never looked this good and well-integrated. The dark mode looks quite well polished too. Visually, Microsoft has certainly hit it out of the park.

Default Windows apps upgraded

The default Windows apps have been provided a polished upgrade too. Now they look far more well integrated with the overall software UI. Photos, paint, notepad, clock – all these apps get new added features too. The Settings app layout has also been changed. 

There are lots of other changes in the Windows 11 experience too, but to explore them all, you got to do, is download the update. You will also need to check whether your device is ready to get the update yet. And do remember to download the update via a wifi connection. To get the update, just go to the Settings app, and click on Check for Updates. If the update is ready to download, then you can go ahead and install it. The overall refreshed look and feel of Windows 11 would surely impress you as much as it has impressed us.

Without a proper broadband connection by your side, downloading the software update is not recommended. It will be quite heavy, and probably take a toll on your mobile data.