What are the Best Fake Plants?

Lately, many people are interested in placing plants in the interior of the house. Yes, bringing plants indoors can add beauty. Ellison Chair in International Floriculture mentioned several benefits of the existence of plants, among others:

  • Being around plants helps people concentrate more, be it at home or work
  • Having flowers at home or work can improve a person’s mood and reduce the likelihood of depression
  • The calming nature of the plant, the presence of plants in the hospital recovery room, or aesthetically pleasing garden views helps patients to recover more quickly
  • Research shows that people who spend time around plants tend to have better relationships with other people
  • Provides energy and improves one’s performance

It turns out that there are so many benefits that you can get. Apart from those mentioned above, there is one more purpose why you are interested in plants. Yes, that is true. Certainly to decorate or beautify a room.

As mentioned before, there are so many benefits when you look after plants. However, caring for live plants at home for some people is not an easy matter. The reason is, homeowners must take good care of them. Meanwhile, the busy daily activities require homeowners to do housework practically. Maybe, preserved flower Singapore or artificial plants can be an option for you. Even though they are not real plants, artificial plants can be used as decorative elements that can enhance the interior of the house. Are you interested in having it? Come on, look at the inspiration for the most beautiful artificial plants below! Here we provide information on the recommendations of the nine best artificial plants.

1. Cactus

The first artificial plant is the cactus. Its unique and attractive shape makes the cactus very popular as a decorative element. It’s tiny and beautiful so this plant is suitable for use as a display on a desk, near a window, or as a gift. It is one of the popular fake plants Singapore has to offer.

2. Philodendron

You can place a pot filled with philodendron in the corner of the room or workspace, generally known as philodendron with the term sirih-sirih or hanging yellow ivory betel. This artificial plant can give a green, refreshing impression. The unique leaf shape makes this leaf plant often used as a wedding decoration material.

3. Succulent

You can make succulent plants as an option! Apart from being small in size, this artificial plant also has very diverse types. That way, you can choose the succulent plants you want.

4. Orchids

Are you interested in decorating a room to make it look elegant? Orchids can be the right choice of artificial plants to decorate your home! This type of plant is quite popular to use as a home decorator to make it look more attractive. The reason is, this flower has a stunning appearance that can present a unique atmosphere because of its prominent colors. If you are looking for some real flowers but long-lasting, you can find preserved flowers Singapore only at the FlowerAdvisor website.

5. Yellow Palm

Palm is often chosen as a plant that is placed in indoor or outdoor areas. The reason is, this one plant has a beautiful shape. Also, this ornamental plant is a member of the areca nut originating from Madagascar. In its place of origin, the existence of this plant is now threatened. Known by the Latin name Areca (Chrysalidocarpus lutescens), it is one of the most widely used types of palms for sunny home interiors. It features reed-like, curved leaves, each of which has up to 100 leaves. This large, raised plant can be very eye-catching. Keep reading to find out more about growing areca trees at home.

Mature yellow areca nuts are quite expensive, so they are usually purchased as small plants to decorate tables. Yellow palms grow at a rate of 6 to 10 inches of growth per year until they reach an adult height of 6 or 7 feet. The Yellow Palm is one of the few palm trees that can tolerate pruning without serious harm, making it possible to keep it as a mature indoor plant for a full lifespan of up to 10 years. Why bother to tend to the real ones when the artificial one is easier to care for. Look for inspiration for fake plant Singapore at FlowerAdvisor website.

6. Begonias

Begonia is one of the ornamental plants that is highly sought after by many people because of its beauty. Besides being placed in a pot, begonia plants can also be placed by hanging. The beauty of the flowers is guaranteed to make you fall in love!

7. Synthetic Grass

If you have a large enough room, this artificial grass can be used as a substitute for carpets. With this artificial plant, it is guaranteed to make your home look more beautiful and also give the impression of being in real nature.

The children’s play area should be designed as comfortable and safe as possible for your little one. Don’t forget to cover the floor to keep it safe when the child falls. Just use Synthetic Grass for Playground.

The grass is made from quality synthetic materials, which offers many advantages such as being durable, UV resistant, and equipped with holes to prevent stagnant water. Quality synthetic materials and free of toxins, so it is very safe for children. The green color, which is very fresh, will definitely make children feel more comfortable playing.

8. Monstera

Monstera is known for its super unique appearance. Its hollow leaves make this plant popular as an ornamental plant at home. The size of the leaves is large and resembles a heart.

Monstera plants are here for those who want a shady and cool feel typical of a tropical rainforest. This plant, which comes from forests in Mexico, can make it happen.

Monstera can be recognized by the shape of its leaves that look like it’s torn. Because of the leaves’ unique shape, this plant is often used as an image of Hawaiian style motifs. The size is just right to be placed directly on the floor or on the end table. It is also one of the popular fake plants in Singapore.

9. Rose

Roses are known to hold the meaning of affection. Well, there’s nothing wrong with decorating your living room or bedroom with these vine roses. That way, hanging out with the family can feel even more intimate. You can wrap it around window bars, doors, or along stair railings. Get green shades, get romantic too!

When decorating a house with fake flowers, plastic decorative flowers are easily exposed to dust. When the dust is seen sticking to the plastic flowers’ surface, the natural impression that they are trying to show fades, for that, keep the plastic decorative flowers away from the entry of dust, such as windows, and clean them regularly. There is another way if you want to have the everlasting beauty of the real rose. You can try to get them preserved. Preserved flowers are not artificial flowers. They come from real flowers and feel like fresh flowers. So it is not dried flowers. Get cheap rate preserved flowers in Singapore only at the FlowerAdvisor website.