What Are The Benefits Of Stacking HGH And Testosterone

There are many bodybuilders who insist on using testosterone and HGH together in the form of stack. Understanding the working of this stack and its benefits would help in making an efficient decision.

Need of consumption of HGH and testosterone

HGH and testosterone are two very vital hormones found in the body. Lack of any of them or both leads to malfunctioning of different faculties of the body. Thus, it is recommended by doctors to consume them in the artificial form for compensating its deficiency.

Another important reason for its consumption is to attain bodybuilding and performance gains in a person. Due to both these important reasons, these two hormones HGH and testosterone are available in synthetic form too.

Impact of HGH with testosterone

To understand the impact of the combination of these two hormones, one is required to understand the working of these two hormones in the body. HGH plays an important role in development, health and wellness in a person. It does this by stimulating the impact of the pituitary gland in the body.

On the other hand, testosterone is an important sex hormone that boosts muscle gain, increases sex drive, stamina, endurance power, and provides bodybuilding benefits to a person. It has been seen that 3 months of HGH and testosterone can improve lean muscle gains and strength in a person.

What to know when consuming HGH and testosterone hormone?

As both HGH and testosterone drugs can cause side effects in the body when taken in large amounts, they are available only on presentation of a valid prescription only. A doctor will perform a blood test of a person to figure out whether he actually needs to consume it or not.

This is important because external form of HGH and testosterone is only meant for people who lack a minimum level of hormones in the body. It can lead to large hormone levels in the body when taken without any hormonal deficiency. This dangerous level of hormones can then lead to side effects. Due to this reason, they are made to be only prescription based drugs.


HGH and testosterone are two both powerful steroids in the body. Combination of both these hormones increases their impact to a lot of extents. To get the best out of this stack, it is very important to understand your fitness objectives and see how well it suits your needs.